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Vehicle & Service Fleet Tracking

Increase fleet visibility, optimize route planning, save fuel. Improve productivity and driver safety. Prevent unauthorized use. Serve more customers.

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Truck Fleet Tracking

Optimize fleet operations, reduce fuel spend, manage and improve driver safety. Monitor engine performance, meet HOS regulations. Increase revenue.

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Asset Tracking

Track, monitor and protect trailers, containers, machinery and valuable equipment of any type, anywhere, even in remote locations and harsh environments.

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Cell Phone & Tablet Tracking

Track any Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or tablet. Integrate with Salesforce CRM. Get unparalleled visibility into your mobile workforce.

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Every Business With Mobile Assets Needs GPS Tracking from Btracking!

Trucking | Delivery | Construction | Contractors | Utilities | Rental Fleets | Outside Sales | Health Care
Instant Tracking. Instant Savings.
  • Boost Productivity & Accountability
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Increase Driver Safety
  • Save on Fuel, Maintenance & Insurance
  • Track Vehicle Diagnostics & Maintenance
  • Automate Reporting & Compliance

See how GPS Tracking from Btracking helps your business.

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