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How It Works

Better Visibility = Greater Efficiency, Lower Costs & Better Decisions for your Business

Identify whether you are looking to track assets, vehicles or personnel.

For assets and vehicles, purchase dedicatedGPS device.

For personnel, download the Btracking application to your existing smartphone.

Subscribe to Btracking's monthly service. One subscription per device being tracking.

Login Online from your computer or Mobile Phone to view and pull reports on your offsite resources

Industries Supported

With Worldwide support we work across functional company roles such as operations, finance, sales & service, and through out verticals such as:

  • Truck & Van Rentals

    Truck & Van Rentals

  • Home Health Care

    Home Health Care

  • Sales


  • Retail Merchandising

    Retail Merchandising

  • Security Services

    Security Services

  • Construction


  • Container


  • Public Safety

    Public Safety

  • Field Service

    Field Service

  • Transport



We can track and report on anything your business has deployed in the field! At Btracking, we provide real-time tracking & reporting on your offsite resources, personnel and assets Whether it's through smartphones or dedicated GPS devices, Btracking provides better visibility for only pennies a day.

Plug N Play GPS Dedicated Vehicle Modem Asset Tracking Modem Smartphone
  • Installation
  • Real time mapping
  • Arrival / Departure Alerts
  • Time Spent on Site
  • Ignition & Idle Alerts
  • Mileage Reports
  • Automated Reports
None Hard-wired None None
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Supported Devices

Whether you are looking to track smartphones, vehicles, generators, forklifts, construction equipment, etc.
We are sure to have a solution ready for you.

Be better for pennies a day.

Increase Accountability

Save Fuel Cost

Improve Reporting Accuracy

Improve Productivity

Eliminate Manual Reports


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