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GPS Geofencing & Point of Interest Tracking

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Geofences & POI

Geofences and Points of Interest (POI) are very powerful features of GPS tracking. Geofences let you to know when a vehicle or person enters and leaves an area, and the length of stay.

A route geofence is easily created from any previous driven route , and lets you know when a driver deviates off-route.

The POI (Point of Interest) feature is similar to a geofence. Set a specified buffer zone around a POI, and you will be notified when a vehicle/asset/phone enters or exits the POI zone.

Geofences and POI's

Polygonal and Circular Geofences

  • To be notified or track whenever a unit enters or leaves an area you define, use the Geofence feature
  • Draw a polygon geofence around areas such as parking lots, buildings and airports
  • A geofence needs to be defined only once
  • Circular geofences are often used for larger areas such as a town or city

Route Geofences

  • A Route Geofence is a powerful tool to ensure your drivers stay on route
  • Create a route geofence by tracing a path on a map, or by simply selecting a route already driven from route history
  • If the unit strays from the route beyond the buffer zone you set (say, fro example, 1 mile) and within the time frame you designate (for example within working hours), an alert is generated
Geofence Route

Route Geofence

Easily Create Route Geofences from Previously Driven Routes

  • Save time and AUTOMATICALLY create route geofences from any previous route driven
  • Choose any route taken by any vehicle or individual from route history, and in one click turn it into a route geofence
  • Set a buffer, name it and save
  • Assign the route geofence to any vehicles/drivers/individuals with cell phones
  • Set an alert to be notified if the vehicle/individual strays off route beyond the buffer

Display Route Geofences

  • Click on the geofence icon on the tracking platform to see route geofences
Route Geofence