Btracking chosen one of the 50 Best GPS Tracking Systems by Metalphoto of Cincinnati (in no particular order)

Btracking chosen one of the 50 Best GPS Tracking Systems by Metalphoto of Cincinnati (in no particular order)

For companies with a fleet, no matter the size, knowing where your vehicles are, when they require maintenance, and how to reduce travel time and fuel costs is critical to your bottom line. Fleet tracking software and systems give you the visibility you need to track and manage your fleet efficiently while streamlining your operations, reducing costs, and increasing revenue. A few years ago, fleet tracking was an expensive investment only made by enterprises; today, there is fleet tracking software suitable for companies and fleets of just about any size. We have rounded up the top fleet tracking software available today to help you save time and money and increase customer satisfaction.

Our top picks for fleet tracking software solutions and systems deliver the fleet intelligence your business needs. Many of our top picks are customizable and include the features you need to keep your costs low and your revenue high. No matter which fleet tracking software solution or system you choose from our top picks, you will get the real-time visibility you need to keep your fleet in top shape and your operation running smoothly. Please note, we have listed our 50 top fleet tracking software solutions and systems here, in no particular order.

GPS Integration Tool for Btracking and Salesforce CRM

OSF Global Services Delivers Cost-Effective GPS Integration Tool for Btracking and Salesforce

Btracking and partner OSF Global launched a Salesforce CRM Integrator in 2013. This powerful feature geocodes Salesforce CRM records automatically within Btracking allowing sales force managers to uses Salesforce CRM together with Btracking to plan visits, know when those visits took place and for how long,  visualize sales territories, and  identify new opportunities. The OSF Salesforce CRM Integrator is unique to Btracking. Here is the original press release.

Real-Time Insight Increases Productivity, Enhances Customer Satisfaction, Boosts Overall Efficiency

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(businesspress24) – QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC — (Marketwired) — 05/20/13 — IT professional services provider announced today the release of OSF Integrator for Btracking and Salesforce, a user-friendly plug-in linking the GPS mobile management solution with , the leading cloud-based CRM solution. Designed with field agents in mind, the integration tool combines the mobile workforce tracking capabilities of Btracking, with the industry-leading customer management tools from Salesforce, providing supervisors and Salesforce users with real time insight into field activities and potential new customer opportunities.

The integration tool allows users to view geocoded GPS data from employees’ smartphones or dedicated GPS hardware directly in Salesforce, providing a real-time look into the status of field agents and customer interactions. Converting CRM contacts into data points on a street map means users can pull up driving directions and travel information, dispatch the closest available technician, and identify sales opportunities within a specific radius.

The application, offered exclusively in Salesforce AppExchange, is available as a free trial for any Btracking user. The free trial offers basic functionality for up to two Btracking users, and 100 account locations can be geocoded. Upgrading to the Professional version provides the company’s field activity for an unlimited number of Btracking users and all account locations can be geocoded, at a cost of $6.00 per user.

OSF Integrator for Btracking and Salesforce, is the next in a series of OSF plug-ins that convert out-of-the-box software into integrated customer data solutions. According to Gerard Szatvanyi, President and CEO of OSF Global Services, small and medium-sized businesses with a mobile workforce need easy-to-use tools that allow them to monitor their resources, enhance customer engagement and drive efficiency. “OSF has been serving SMBs since our founding nearly a decade ago,” said Gerard. “We understand their need for simple, powerful solutions. As a result we are committed to delivering integrated customer engagement tools to businesses that require value-driven applications.”

OSF Integrator for Btracking and Salesforce gives SMBs the tools they need to gain priceless insight into the status and productivity of their mobile workforce; view visits per location and the duration of each visit; monitor travel times and time spent with clients; and identify which accounts require more resources so they can allocate personnel accordingly, driving efficiency and eliminating downtime.

“We are very excited to be working within, with a world class partner such as OSF Global Services,” stated Drew McNicholl, Sr. Director of Business Development with Btracking. “We believe that a highly integrated level of support and value-add can be achieved for organizations within this new plugin. The ROI is significant, and is readily recognized by clients.”

OSF has been delivering SLA-grade professional services since 2003. The company’s forte is application development and technology integration across key markets, including Ecommerce, CRM and Cloud. Headquartered in Quebec, Canada, OSF has offices in the U.S., France, Germany, Italy, UK, Romania and Ukraine. This mix of onshore and offshore expertise offers comprehensive, follow-the-sun support for its clients in 17 countries. OSF Global Services is ISO 9001:2008 certified, Microsoft Certified, a Consulting Partner, a certified Sitecore solutions partner, a Netsuite Solutions Partner and a Rackspace Hosting Member Partner. For more information about the company please visit .

The Btracking solution has been deployed in over 32 countries and across government, military, enterprise and small business organizations. With a robust and easy-to-use platform, Btracking is able to service a wide variety of applications, whether as an off the shelf solution or custom development. Services are available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic. For more information about the company please visit

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OSF Global Services
866-233-0953 Acquired by Nexcelerate, LLC

Somers, NY – April 7, 2016 — Global GPS tracking solutions provider has been acquired by Nexcelerate, LLC from Herceg Network, Inc.

The Btracking solution has been deployed across the globe servicing enterprises, small businesses and government organizations. With a robust, easy-to-use platform, and features including Workflow Routing, HOS eLogs and more, is a leader in the growing GPS tracking industry, providing solutions for trucking fleets, vehicles, service fleets, assets, machinery, and equipment. also offers a smartphone/tablet tracking feature incorporating Salesforce CRM integration. This unique feature, popular with mobile workforces, outside sales staffs and medical personnel, makes a leader in the GPS tracking industry and one of the few to provide a complete GPS solution for businesses and organizations to track all its vehicles, assets and mobile personnel on one feature-rich, intuitive platform.

Following the acquisition, has embarked on a series of upgrades to its platform, services and features.

Nexcelerate, LLC is a private investment company based in Somers, NY.

For more information visit or contact the company at

Optimize with Key Insight Alerts

Each Btracking account has the ability to generate powerful insights into your offsite operations, whether you are looking at assets. personnel or vehicles. Within this article you will find a synopsis of some very simple alerts to set up- but ones which can drive an increased level of insights, and value to you field operations.

Safety Alerts
Configure your account and ensure compliance levels with company safety practices. It is in interest of your company, and employees to ensure better driving habits, to secure the individual’s safety, less wear & tear on the vehicles, and less legal/ ticket incursions. These alerts can be received instantaneously via email/ SMS, shown on the platform, or simply used to measure incursions and compare across the fleet in daily/ weekly/ automated reports. Key Alerts to set-up within Btracking:
 Seat Belt Usage Alerts
 Harsh Braking
 Excessive Acceleration
 Harsh Cornering
 Excessive Speed Alerts
Cost Impacting Alerts
Consider the impacts on your bottom line from irresponsible usage of the vehicle. Most times this is simply based on behaviors that have become commonplace over time. With visibility into the activity, you can look to help the field to become more efficient, and improve cost impacts to your organization. Alerts & consolidated report comparisons that contribute to this end are listed below:
 Unauthorized / After Hour Usage of vehicle alert
 Excessive Idle Alerts
 Late Work starts/ Early exit from work sites
 Fuel Stolen alerts
 Tow Alerts
 Vehicle Theft Alerts
 Gas Tax Mileage breakdown

Vehicle Maintenance Alerts
With the Btracking solution you can better keep track of your required maintenance items for each vehicle, ensure the health of your fleet vehicles. Automate your vehicle schedules for maintenance as well as maintain the history all within the portal. Fleet managers can configure the platform to send automated reports sequenced in priority for those needing attention. These can take the shape of the following points:
 Vehicles requiring oil changes
 Tune-ups
 List of vehicles who’s lease will be ending
 Tire-Rotations
 Trade-in value
 Mileage updates
 Vehicle Maintenance History completions
 Etc..


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