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Cut Fuel Costs

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Reduce Fuel Costs up to 20%

Stop unnecessary fuel burn. Btracking has many ways to help cut fuel consumption and save. Btracking helps to reduce idling, minimize excessive speed, stay on route, eliminate harsh acceleration and driving behaviors, find and dispatch nearest driver/vehicle.

Excessive Idling Alerts and Reports

Excessive Idling Alerts and Reports

  • When idling, vehicles consume up to one gallon of fuel each hour
  • Receive an alert whenever a vehicle idles for 10 minutes or more
  • Alerts can be delivered on the platform, via SMS and/or via email
  • Reports let you see total idle time over a period and identify drivers with high rates of idling

Minimize Excessive Speed

  • Alerts you whenever a vehicle exceeds 70 mph (the speeding threshold)
  • Speeding threshold can be customized by you
  • Learn more about speeding alerts
  • To track a driver's actual speed against actual posted speed limits, please see our premium SpeedGauge feature
Minimize Excessive Speed

Eliminate Harsh Acceleration

Eliminate Harsh Acceleration

  • Our GPS trackers with built-in accelerometer lets you know which drivers are hard on the pedal
  • Reports let you rank drivers with harsh driving behavior and can be run at any time, or scheduled to run as often as you like, and can also be delivered via email and/or SMS
  • Learn more about driver behavior alerts

Find the Closest Resource

  • Enter an address, a previously defined location (target or point of interest), or by just clicking a point on the map
  • Quickly identify which resources are closest
  • Quickly view distances and routes to the location for each resource
  • Dispatch and send directions to the nearest resource
  • Learn more about routing and dispatch
  • Learn more about our premium workflow dispatch feature
Find Closest Resources