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Driver Behavior MONITORING

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Monitor and Improve Driver Behavior

Btracking gives you important details on how your drivers operate their vehicles*, and provides the opportunity to improve driver safety through information and training.

Protect your employees and your vehicles. By monitoring drivers’ speeding, driving behavior and location, you can correct unsafe and unwanted behavior before it leads to more serious issues.

Harsh Driving Alerts

  • Hard turns
  • Hard braking
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Alerts can be delivered on the platform, via SMS and/or via email

Excessive Speed Alerts

  • Alerts you whenever a vehicle exceeds 70 mph (the speeding threshold)
  • Speeding threshold can be customized by you
  • To track a driver's actual speed against actual posted speed limits, please see our premium SpeedGauge feature

Harsh Driving Charts

  • Charts provide a graphical representation of the number of alerts created for harsh driving, by vehicle and by driver, over any time period
  • Charts can be sent to anyone via email and/or SMS
  • Charts are a great tool to use for discussing driver behavior, and for monitoring behavior improvement over time

Harsh Driving Reports

  • Reports provide a complete listing of every harsh driving alert generated over any time frame
  • Details exact location, time, driver, speed
  • Reports can be sent to anyone via email and/or SMS
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