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Geofences & Points of Interest

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Geofences & POI's

Geofences and Points of Interest (POI's) are powerful features of GPS tracking, letting you track when a vehicle or person enters and leaves an area, and the length of stay.


The Route Geofence is a great tool for that lets you know whenever a driver deviates from a designated route.

Geofences and POI's

Quickly Create Geofences and POI's

  • Just click on the map, or click the current location of a vehicle or person to create a Geofence or POI
  • Use Geofences and POI's to designate regularly visited work sites, clients, buildings, or towns and cities
  • Quickly assign Geofences and POI's to groups of vehicles and persons or individually
  • Create alerts or reports to track entry and exit times and length of stay
  • Geofences and POI's can be nested - for example, place a geofence around a town and mulitple geofences within it

Route Geofences

  • A powerful tool ensuring your drivers stay on route
  • Easily define a Route Geofence and its buffer by tracing the route on a map, or simply select a route already driven
  • Alerts are triggered whenever a vehicle strays off route during designated hours
  • Great for regularly travelled routes
Route Geofences