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Btracking Mapping Platform

All your offsite resources are tracked on our cloud-based Btracking Mapping Platform, accessible via your PC or any mobile device. The Btracking Mapping Platform at or click here.

You might allow your customers to track your vehicles from our website too.

Btracking has a library of training materials and videos in our Customer Help Center and offers Unlimited Free Tech Support plus customized training. For a downloadable listing of the complete list of features & capabilities click here.

Btracking Dashboard

Btracking Dashboard

  • The Dashboard is your summary of status, performance, alerts and messages
  • Create Groups of Vehicles, Assets, and/or Individuals. Create and assign a drivers or drivers to vehicles
  • Create Territories within groups
  • Fully customizable user permissions, from groups and territories to a single vehicle

Map View

  • Google
  • Customizable label displays speed, direction, fuel level, driver, recent alerts, and more. Or switch to hover over view of details.
  • Map can be saved, printed, exported as a KML
  • Customizable refresh, zoom in/out, lock map
  • Or use the mini-map at bottom right to zoom in


Hover-Over Details

  • Hover over an item in the list on the left to get a quick summary of location, address, speed, fuel level, altitude, temperature, stopped or moving, ignition on/off, stop duration
  • Super GPS accuracy pinpoints vehicle location within a few feet

Satellite View

  • Switch to satellite view
Satellite View

Google Traffic

Google Traffic

  • View traffic conditions
  • Overlay Google Traffic on either map view or satellite view


  • A quick view of exact address, fuel level, battery
  • View details of current trip - distance, fuel usage
  • See assigned driver and alerts generated
  • View geofences and points of interest assigned

Street View

Street View

  • One-click to see street view in the main window or a popup window

Live Tracker

  • Shows recent breadcrumb data in real time
  • Share Live Tracker - send an email link to to allow another person to track without logging in to Btracking
Live Tracker