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GPS Real Time Alerts

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Real Time Alerts for Immediate Action

Btracking gives you a wealth of real time information to better manage the performance of your fleet.

Besides our set of standard alerts, Btracking lets you create customized alerts to match your needs. Alerts can be viewed on the platform and/or sent to any number of recipients via email and/or SMS.

Standard, Fully Customizable Alerts

Standard, Fully Customizable Alerts

  • Alerts can be set to notify you at any time, or only certain times such as during working hours
  • Alerts can have varying degrees of priority. Notifications can be customized in importance. For example, a Towing Alert can send an email notice and sound a warning chime on your dashboard and require your acknowledgement. An Ignition On Alert can be set to simple record the alert for future reporting
  • All alerts are fully customizable to your preferences. Btracking technicians will customize all your alerts at any time at no charge
  • For example, be notified when a vehicle ignition is turned on/off, exceeds a speed threshold, has low fuel, idles for too long
  • Set specific times that an employee should be using a specific vehicle and link the vehicle to a driver's profile
  • Be notified any way you choose - by an icon on the map, a sound, email, text message

A Comprehensive Suite of Alerts

  • Position - geofence entry/exit, length of stay, speed on entry/exit, within vicinity of a point of interest or landmark
  • Driver Behavior - harsh turns/braking/acceleration, speeding, ignition on/off, excessive idling
  • Routing - driver off-route, length of stay exceeds allowed duration
  • Unauthorized Use - vehicle use outside designated work hours
  • Vehicle Performance - low battery, engine warning light,
  • Emergency - impact, towing, fuel stolen
  • Tracker - tracker unplugged, replugged, moved to another vehicle
  • and many more
Comprehensive Suite of  Alerts