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Salesforce CRM Integrator

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Salesforce CRM Integration
Plug-In Integrator Tool from OSF Global

Unleash the power of Salesforce CRM with Btracking! Download this Plug-In from our partner OSF Global.

Increase mobile workforce productivity, enhance customer satisfaction, and boost overall efficiency.



  • Automatically geocode account locations from your Salesforce contacts - takes about 3 seconds per location
  • View where every sales agent is, and where they've been - replay routes 3 months back and more
  • Track visits and duration to any Salesforce account location

How It Works

  • FIRST, you'll need a Btracking subscription for each mobile device or vehicle to track. Contact us to purchase your subscriptions and activate your Btracking account. Our Support Team will guide you every step of the way
  • NEXT, once you have your Btracking account, download the Btracking-Salesforce CRM integrator app here or copy and paste this URL into your browser:
  • The free Integrator app automatically geocodes up to 100 Salesforce addresses (in the same order as listed in your Salesforce database)
  • The paid Integrator app geocodes all Salesforce addresses in your database
Salesforce how works

Help Your Sales Team Win More Business

Help Your Sales Team Win More Business

  • Convert a Salesforce CRM record into a street map with directions and travel time to the selected location
  • Dispatch the closest agent to a customer and provide account details from Salesforce
  • Identify new opportunities in a desired radius, building prospect lists based on proximity to existing customers
  • Identify quickly growing accounts and territories
  • See the Salesforce Integrator Feature Sheet