Fleet Management

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Workflow Dispatch Fleet Management Solution

Plan Jobs and Routes. Assign drivers. Dispatch, reroute on the fly. Compare planned times to actual. Improve efficiency.

Workflow Routing is a complete Fleet and Workforce Management planning and scheduling module available within the Btracking platform as a premium add-on feature.

Workflow employs the concepts of “Jobs” and “Routes” for single tasks and groups of tasks to streamline and automate the management of location based tasks. It offers a robust set of attributes, management, scheduling, template, and communication features. Workflow enables job and route planning, scheduling, dispatch and tracking. Create, prioritize, and assign tasks both individually and as a group, and edit at any point in the workflow cycle.

Manage Jobs and Routes

  • Quickly build jobs and routes (groups of jobs) with templates
  • Easily assign and reassign resources
  • View the entire workflow picture on one dashboard

Edit Jobs

  • Quickly create and save job templates

View and Assign Jobs

  • View available jobs
  • Easily assign and reassign resources

Build Routes of Jobs

  • Quickly build routes (groups of jobs) with templates

Assign & Send Routes

  • Find the closest vehicle or person and send or reroute
  • Full integration with Garmin Dezl and Magellan for routing, messaging and chat


  • Quickly check job and route status and compare planned/scheduled time with actual time to complete