GPS Asset, Machinery & Equipment Tracking

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Have Trailers, Containers, Machinery, Equipment or other Assets in the field? Track every asset worldwide.

Mapping Platform

Feature-rich, cloud-based real-time mapping

Mobile Platform

Access the Platform from any mobile device


Entry/exit, length of stay, off-route alerts

Route History

Replay up to 6 months' of history

Real Time Alerts

Instantly delivered by email and/or SMS


Dozens of customizable reports saves you time


Reliable made-in-USA plug & play and wired hardware

Guaranteed Tracking

Guaranteed to track or your money back

Web Services*

Integrate your apps with our platform

* Premium Feature

Proactive Protection For All Offsite Assets

Btracking gives you a great way to keep track of all your offsite machines and equipment. Ttrack of trailers, containers, construction machinery, generators, portable lighting, agricultural machines, all on one platform.

  • Our GPS Asset Trackers come in many shapes and sizes to fit virtually any application
  • Our flagship Btracking Solar Powered Asset Tracker provides years of service in the most extreme environmental conditions, and is rechargeable via the machine's power source as well
  • Battery powered trackers use field replaceable battery packs that last years
  • Hybrid trackers are powered by the machine's power source with battery backup
  • View location and status of all your assets worldwide on the Btracking Mapping Platform or the Mobile Platform right alongside your vehicles and smartphones

Solar Powered Tracker with Rechargeable Battery