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Have a Mobile Workforce? Track Everyone Worldwide.

Mapping Platform

Feature-rich, cloud-based real-time mapping

Mobile Platform

Access the Platform from any mobile device


Find nearest device & shortest routes & send directions


Entry/exit, length of stay, off-route alerts

Route History

Replay up to 6 months' of history

Real Time Alerts

Instantly delivered by email and/or SMS


Dozens of customizable reports saves you time

CRM Integration*

Use Btracking with Salesforce CRM

Performance Dashboard*

All key metrics on one tab

Workflow Dispatch*

Create, schedule, manage jobs & routes

Guaranteed Tracking

Guaranteed to track or your money back

Web Services*

Integrate your apps with our platform

* Premium Feature

An Indispensible Planning and Workforce Management Tool

Btracking's smartphone and tablet tracking is the ideal solution for tracking the mobile workforce. Outside Sales, Medical Personnel, Field Services, Delivery Services - Btracking helps teams of any size plan better and be more productive.

  • Works on virtually all GPS-enabled smartphones and tablets. Just download our tracking app onto your phone.
  • Uses minimal battery power - you choose the reporting frequency
  • Download our tracking app directly to your phone or tablet. Then simply contact us to get started!
  • View location and status of all your personnel worldwide on the Btracking Mapping Platform or the Mobile Platform alongside your vehicles and assets
  • Panic button feature

  • Use Btracking with Salesforce CRM with this app from our partner OSF Global and unleash the power of Btracking and Salesforce CRM combined. Learn more about this terrific feature