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Btracking provides GPS Tracking Services and GPS Trackers for Vehicle Tracking, Truck Tracking, Fleet Tracking, Asset Tracking and Cell Phone and Tablet Tracking, serving business throughout the USA, Canada and around the globe. Based in Danbury, CT and a leader in telematics since 2009, Btracking's intuitive, feature-rich PC and mobile-based Mapping Platform comes with a full suite of Alerts and Reports; important safety features such as Driver Behavior, SpeedGauge and Impact Detection; and dispatch and planning tools including Workflow Routing, Salesforce CRM Integration, Nearest Vehicle, Route History, and so much more.

Acquired by Nexcelerate, LLC in 2016, we've embarked on a series of major upgrades to make Btracking the GPS tracking solution of choice.

We understand that GPS tracking is a service that has to be easy to use, affordable, reliable, and do what you need it to do - so you can focus on your business.

Why Choose Btracking

  • We've been around since 2009, one of the most mature, stable companies in the GPS tracking industry
  • We cover over 90% of the earth's surface
  • GPS Trackers are validated on our platform and arrive activated and ready to install - no in-field activation issues
  • Unbeatable Mapping Platform features
  • Free Unlimited Personalized Tech Support gets you up and running fast and shows you how to enjoy the savings and efficiencies of GPS tracking
  • No one-size-fits-all solutions. Whatever you need to track, track it with Btracking. All Offsite Resources. One Platform. Be Better. Btracking.