About Btracking.com

Our Company

Btracking is a GPS Fleet Tracking System and hardware provider to small businesses and mid-size fleets. Based in Danbury CT and Somers NY, we've been in the telematics industry since 2009 with customers across the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.

We take great pride in getting to know each customer personally and providing outstanding service. Our intuitive system provides real time GPS tracking with a full suite of great features including driver safety, driver scorecard, vehicle diagnostics, fuel monitoring, maintenance tracking, route planning and dispatch, impact detection and much more.

Plus, compared to the competition, we have some unique and highly popular tools such as frequented places identification ("Hot Spots"), and driver ID using the customer's own RFID and HID cards. Our system tracks vehicles, assets and phones on one platform.

We understand that GPS tracking is a business service. It has to enhance your business by being simple to use and provide benefits that reduce operating costs and increase productivity, revenue and profit. We hope you'll choose Btracking as your mobile workforce solutions partner.

Why You Should Choose Btracking

  • We've been around since 2009, one of the most mature, stable companies in the GPS tracking industry
  • We cover over 90% of the earth's surface
  • GPS trackers are validated on our platform and arrive activated and ready to install - no in-field activation issues
  • Unbeatable tools and features
  • Free unlimited personalized support gets you up and running fast and shows you how to enjoy the savings and efficiencies of GPS tracking
  • No one-size-fits-all solutions. Whatever you need to track, track it with us. Be Better. Btracking.