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My company has used Btracking to track our vehicles and cell phones since 2012. The system is easy to use and is continually improving, trackers are very reliable, and the customer service is great. We highly recommend Btracking. A.S, Armguard Security, CA
Thanks for a good summer of service! I received a lot of good words about how easy the website was to navigate & track the whereabouts of our employees. Next summer we'll get a lot more devices activated! K.L., American Pool, NJ
One of our company vans was stolen. Fortunately, we were able to retrieve it using the Btracking GPS tracking unit which we have had installed for a couple of years now. We use GPS tracking for service calls, to see which employee is nearest the location of the call. Never did we think that we would use it for this purpose. Btracking took us straight to the location and minimal damage was done thanks to the precise location it gave. So glad we took the steps to put Btracking GPS tracking units into all of our company vehicles. Thank you Btracking!! D.M., U.S. Electric, VA
We have been using Btracking for several years now. The tracking is easy to set up. It is a valuable asset for keeping vehicle maintenance records. Customer service is very responsive to questions and resolving problems L.D., Diehl Electric, NJ
Contract renewal signed! Very happy with the service. C.M., E. Zimmerman, PA

Industry Uses and Case Studies

Contractors, Services
Medical, Personal
Sales Teams, Governments


Track and manage the entire inventory of fleet vehicles, machinery and field equipment.

Our Industrial Customers Track:

Construction GPS


Track the entire fleet: Tractor cabs and trailers. Light trucks. Delivery vehicles. Rental car fleets. Airport equipment.

Our Transportation Customers Include:


Contractors and Service Providers

Know exactly where field staff is and what job they're on. Btracking provides essential services for tracking, routing and managing service fleets.

Our Contractors and Service Provider Customers Include:

Service Fleets

Health Care, Medical Providers , Personal Services, Security, Families

Providing health care and personal services is a 24/7 critical. With Btracking you'll know where everyone is at any given moment.

Our Health Care and Security Customers Include:


Sales Teams, Businesses, Governments

Manage outside sales. Track government vehicles.

Our Business and Government Customers Include:

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