Electronic Lock (E-Lock) with Tracking

Our New SolarLock Solar Powered Tracker with electronic locking is the perfect choice to secure container and trailer cargo doors. Unlock it remote via SMS or nearby with your smartphone. Wireless sensors monitor temperature, humidity.

Safeguard, Secure, Protect and Track Valuable Items and Cargo

Proactive Protection For Any Moveable Storage Asset

With Btracking's new SolarLock E-Lock GPS Tracker, you'll know your items and cargo are secure, along with location in real time for moving assets. View location and status of all your assets worldwide on the Btracking Desktop or Mobile Device Platform alongside your vehicles and smartphones.

  • Keep Contents Secure with SolarLock E-Lock BTX100/200
  • This Electronic Lock (E-lock) GPS Tracker is designed and developed for outdoor asset security, PLUS tracking
  • With a long-life solar harvesting rechargeable battery SolarLock is perfect for tracking and safeguarding containers, trailers, trucks, etc.
  • SolarLock's E-lock for Cargo reports alarms to the platform for events such as locking, unlocking, and lock tampering
  • SolarLock E-lock can be opened both remotely and in the field by RFID, BLE, or with commands via network and SMS
  • Sensors - supports BLE 5.1 temperature & humidity sensor, temperature & door sensor, and wireless relays
  • Lock & Track Heavy Machinery Graders, Loaders, Bulldozers, Cranes, Backhoes, Compactors, Forklifts
  • Keep Tabs on Stationary Equipment Too Generators, Pumping Equipment, Liquid Storage Tanks

Ensure Security, Prevent Theft with Geofences

  • Fast, Easy Geofence Creation Click on the map, or click the current location of a vehicle or person to create a Geofence
  • Designate Regularly Visited Locations Use Geofences for regularly visited work sites, clients, buildings, or towns and cities
  • Get Alerts Moving In/Out of Geofences Geofences can be nested (i.e., around a town and job locations inside the town). Alerts can be received via the platform, via text message and/ or email

Refrigerated Cargo Temperature Sensing & Alerts, Motion Start/Stop Alerts

  • SolarLock Protects Cargo with BLE 5.1 temperature and humidity sensors
  • Alerts via text or email when temperature is outside a safe range
  • Alerts on Motion on the platform, mobile app, email and/or text message - whenever an asset begins to move

BTX100 (4G LTE) and BTX200 (4G, 3G, 2G)