Electrical Contractor GPS Fleet Tracking

Most electrical contractors are required to do work at their customers' locations. If you own an electrical business with two or more vehicles to manage, then real-time GPS fleet tracking is a wise investment. At Btracking, our electrical contractor GPS fleet tracking solutions let you know where your employees are in real time and you will also be able to monitor the activities of your fleet.

What is Electrical Contractor GPS Fleet Tracking?

GPS fleet tracking for electrical contractors enables both small electrical contractor providers and full service electrical companies to increase revenue, improve productivity, and reduce costs. Btracking understands that the electrical services industry is a labor intensive one, and asset utilization and field worker productivity are some of the most significant cost variables you may face each day.

During an electrical outage, individuals often want their power back in the fastest possible time. If you want to route the nearest employee to service an outage problem, you will need to know the location of your fleet vehicles in real time. Electrical contractor GPS fleet tracking software can provide location and mapping data to make dispatching and routing operations easier.

The Benefits of Electrical Contractor GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Virtual timecard: You can use the start/stop report features of our GPS fleet tracking systems to account for the actual hours your electrical contractors have worked. In addition, reports showcasing the activity and location history for field workers also help promote a greater sense of accountability among your crew.
  • Provide more accurate ETAs: With GPS trackers, you will know where your service team members are at all times. This way, you can accurately estimate when they will arrive at a certain customer location. You will be able to continue delivering first-class customer service and improving operational efficiencies that help drive your business forward.
  • Complete more jobs in a day: Business owners and fleet managers have the responsibility to provide their drivers with accurate and efficient routes. If drivers get lost and miss their appointments, it could lead to a loss in revenue.
  • Protect business reputation: You would want to know that your employees are being compliant with the rules of the road by monitoring their driving behaviors. Since company vehicles are a form of mobile advertisements for one's business, employees getting caught for speeding and other aggressive driving behaviors are not going to be good for your reputation.