Electrical Contractor GPS Fleet Tracking

If you own an electrical business with two or more vehicles to manage, then real-time GPS fleet tracking is a wise investment. At Btracking, our electrical contractor GPS fleet tracking solutions let you know where your employees are in real time and you will also be able to monitor the activities of your fleet.

How can GPS Fleet Tracking help an Electrical Contractor?

Electrical contracting is labor intensive, and asset utilization and field worker productivity are some of the most significant cost variables you face each day. With Btracking solutions, you can gain efficiency and productivity to both increase revenue and reduce costs. For example, to route the nearest employee to service an outage problem, you need to know the location of your fleet vehicles in real time. Electrical contractor GPS fleet tracking software provides the location of the entire fleet, finds the closest vehicles and sends directions to make dispatching and routing operations easier.

Case Studies

Btracking serves electrical contractors across the U.S. and Canada. A longtime customer in New Jersey with 25 vehicles and trailers tracks its vehicle fleet with both OBDII plug-in trackers, and wired units that identify when auxiliary equipment is turned on. Trailers are tracked with long-lasting battery powered asset trackers. Lisa manages the fleet for her company and says "We have been using Btracking for several years now. The tracking is easy to set up. It is a valuable asset for keeping vehicle maintenance records. Customer service is very responsive to questions and resolving problems".

Another customer in Pennsylvania with nealy 100 machines and equipment in the field uses hybrid asset trackers, wired-in units with long-lasting rechargeable batteries, to keep tabs on all its movable machines and equipment including generators, lighting, compressors and trailers.

The Benefits of Electrical Contractor GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Virtual timecard: You can use the start/stop report features of our GPS fleet tracking systems to account for the actual hours your electrical contractors have worked. In addition, reports showcasing the activity and location history for field workers also help promote a greater sense of accountability among your crew.
  • Provide more accurate ETAs: With GPS trackers, you will know where your service team members are at all times. This way, you can accurately estimate when they will arrive at a certain customer location. You will be able to continue delivering first-class customer service and improving operational efficiencies that help drive your business forward.
  • Complete more jobs in a day: Business owners and fleet managers have the responsibility to provide their drivers with accurate and efficient routes. If drivers get lost and miss their appointments, it could lead to a loss in revenue.
  • Protect business reputation: You would want to know that your employees are being compliant with the rules of the road by monitoring their driving behaviors. Company vehicles are a form of mobile advertisements for one's business, good driving is good for your reputation.