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Custom GPS Reports

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Btracking gives you a comprehensive suite of dozens of fully customizable reports to manage your fleet.

Reports can be run at any time, or scheduled for a set time; delivered via email and/or SMS; and downloaded in any file format.

Customizable Reports

Dozens of Customizable Reports

  • Btracking gives you dozens of standard reports
  • Reports are fully customizable
  • Or, build your own reports or let us create reports for you

Standard Reports

  • Usage- After Hour Exceptions, Mileage, Fuel Usage, Driver Assignment Detail, Fleet Productivity, Fleet Utilization, Idle Time, Start/Stop Summary, Speeding, Trip Detail,
  • Position - Geofence/POI/Landmark Entry/Exit/Length of stay, speed on entry/exit, within vicinity of a point of interest or landmark
  • Driver Behavior - harsh turns/braking/acceleration, speeding, ignition on/off, excessive idling
  • Routing - Route Variance
  • Alert Summary
  • and many more
Standard Reports

Report Graphs

View Report Graphs

  • Graphs are created automatically when running a report
  • Export graphs to any file format
  • View all your graphs anytime on one tab on the Performance Dashboard