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Hot Spots

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Instantly Discover Frequently Visited Locations

Btracking's unique Hot Spot feature is an easy way to discover locations frequented by vehicles and staff.

Choose a start date, timeframe, an area, and a minimum stop duration and turn on Hot Spots. Visited locations are shown in a list and appear as a heat map according to the frequency of visits - Blue, Yellow, or Red!

Plus you can make a Geofence or Point of Interest from a Hot Spot with one click!

Hot Spots

  • Visited locations appear in a list. Hover over each location to see them as a heat map in Blue (1 to 4 visits), Yellow (5 to 9 visits) or Red (10 or more visits) across the timeframe you select
  • See hot spot locations up to 6 months back, and across a timeframe from one day to one month
  • Zero in on visited areas from as small as 250 feet to as large as one mile
  • Create Geofences and POI's from Hot Spots with a single click