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Impact & Towing Detection

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Vehicle Impact Detection and Towing Detection Alerts

If your vehicle is involved in a collision, or if towing is detected (movement when the ignition is turned off), you'll be immediately notified via email and/or SMS along with alerts directly on the platform.

Towing Alerts

Towing Alerts

  • Should your vehicle move when the ignition is turned off, Btracking generates a towing notification alert which appears on the mapping platform, and is also sent via email and/or SMS
  • In addition, the vehicle is tracked with breadcrumb data every minute, providing you the exact route and current location
  • As with all Btracking alerts, towing alerts are fully customizable to your preferences at any time at no charge

Impact Detection and Crash Data*

  • If a vehicle is involved in a collision, you will receive an alert directly on the platform and via email and/or SMS
  • Important pre and post impact data is captured by the tracker, including exact location of impact, speed, acceleration/deceleration, direction, force of impact, engine data such as rpm, and more
  • * impact detection is device dependent
Impact Detection and Crash Data