Track and Monitor Field Service Vehicles and Personnel

Today, a wide range of field service businesses relies on technology to manage mobile workers. One of the most crucial technologies is GPS tracking for field services. At Btracking, we are a leading field service GPS fleet tracking solutions provider that gives you complete control of your fleet – monitoring and managing employees as they move from one service location to another – without only relying on the mobile devices of your employees.

What is Field Service GPS Fleet Tracking?

Field service GPS fleet tracking focuses on giving field service business owners a complete, end-to-end solution for managing work crews, assets tracking, efficient scheduling, and more. Since the inception of field service GPS tracking, it has become popular among businesses that need to track their employees' locations, and determine whether they are utilizing their time and company resources in an appropriate manner.

At Btracking, we have built our innovative field service GPS tracking system from the ground up to solve some of the most challenging issues faced while managing field service operations. You can rest assured that our team has years of experience in the field service industry. Btracking understands the problems you face daily as well as can deliver the tools you need to overcome those obstacles.

The Benefits of Field Service GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Lower fuel costs: Fuel usage is difficult to control when your employees choose to take haphazard routes, taking advantage of vehicle privileges, or wasting gas due to improper driving habits. Keeping track of your drivers lets them know that they can't abuse the system.
  • Eliminate repeated tardiness: With GPS trackers, you can solve problems that cause inefficient scheduling, or technicians getting stuck in traffic or taking long routes. Cut down customer waiting time.
  • Improve your bottom line: If your team can complete more work orders each day, lower fuel costs, and simply run a more efficient business, you can boost your bottom line in no time.