Track and Monitor Government Vehicles, Public Works Vehicles, Personnel

At Btracking, we are a market leader that provides stellar government GPS fleet tracking services. Since our inception, we have grown to become the fleet management solution of choice for a wide range of government organizations. If you are looking for solutions that can help you manage your mobile workforce with greater ease, look no further than Btracking.

What is Government GPS Fleet Tracking?

From the sanitation department to the public works department to the traffic police department, today's government agencies often utilize vehicles in their operations. If you feel that your fleet is crucial to meeting the needs of the citizens, it is time you considered government GPS tracking. It is an affordable solution allows you and your agency to dispatch vehicles in a timely and efficient manner. Because GPS tracking also enables accurate routing, it makes the jobs of your drivers much easier and ensures that you will spend less on fuel, vehicle repair and maintenance.

The Benefits of Government GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Quick response times to emergencies: With government GPS fleet trackers, you will be able to respond quickly to emergency calls from the local community and dispatch the vehicle that's nearest to the scene. This also helps to improve your agency's overall community service quality.
  • Enhanced safety: The local community counts on you to keep it safe and secure. Our GPS trackers enable real-time reporting and monitoring of your drivers' truck speed and driving habits. This information lets you know if your team is doing all they can to keep the public safe.
  • Avoid incurring overtime costs: It is not a cost-effective option to pay your drivers overtime frequently in the long run. That's why you need to track the time they spent on the job and the driving routes they take after a job is completed. GPS trackers allow you to know whether your staff is making the best use of their time. In other words, our solutions can help keep your employees accountable.