Improve Trailer/Container Capacity Management and Load Visibility

Organizations that transport high-quality, valuable goods often lack visibility into the vehicle or trailer once the shipment leaves its origin. In fact, approximately 40% of trailer space is underutilized and $60 billion in goods is lost globally in annual theft. Without proper insight into the capacity and conditions of containers and trailers, it’s difficult for fleet managers to ensure each trip achieves maximum efficiency for productivity and revenue. To maximize profitability and avoid losses, fleet managers increasingly deploy cargo management solutions to deliver real-time intelligence regarding capacity, status, and environment of their trailers and containers.

Btracking's Cargo Management Solutions leverage best-in-class monitoring devices that measure container temperature, humidity, and container utilization to ensure highly efficient transportation of goods and services. Additionally, our solutions provide automated alerts should intrusions or tampering be detected to empower our customers to protect against theft or mishandling, all on one platform to track and monitor vehicles, drivers, and cargo containers.

  • Location Track assets when in motion or stationary with customized geo-fencing, and identify asset location via our PC platform or phone app
  • Cargo Detect trailer or container load status  
  • Motion Detection Know when assets are on the move or inside/outside a geofence
  • Door Status monitor open/close status when mounted on doors   
  • Temperature, Pressure, Humidity Monitor conditions inside trailers and containers to comply with perishable product regulations, or manage sensitive shipments such as pharmaceuticals
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Start Tracking & Monitoring Capacity

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GPS Tracking, Load Capacity Sensing, Climate Monitoring

$699.99 BTCA2H2 (Global)

  • 3 Months' Free Tracking included. After 3 months - see our Cargo Management Tracking Plans
  • Two Component BLE System Sensor module mounts on the inside of a cargo door, Tracker module to the outside of trailer/container.
  • Reports Location Every 15 Minutes
  • Cargo Load Sensing measures distance from back of trailer/container to front to generate capacity utilization, load on/off
  • Door Status Sensing when mounted on cargo door
  • Accelerometer, Gyroscope Monitors speed, start/stop, container on/off, tampering
  • Long Life Battery Lasts up to 6 years
  • Weatherproof Tracker Module IP67 enclosure
  • 1 Year Warranty 1 year repair or replacement warranty - extend it to 2 years with a 2 Year Tracking Plan

Device Specifications

  • Cell Network 4G LTE CAT1 / 3G HSPA/UMTS /2G GSM
  • Dimensions 11.5 in x 3.7 in x 1.7 in
  • Internal GPS and Cellular antennas
  • Internal battery 3800 mAH Li-Ion
  • Built-in triple axis accelerometer, gyroscope
  • Operating Voltage 7.2 v
  • BLE Bluetooth Low Energy communication

Easy Installation

Mounting Installation

  • Bolt the Sensor module to the inside of a rear cargo door just below roof
  • Bolt Tracker module to the outside of the trailer or container
  • Activate trackers and login to the Btracking Platform
  • Start managing and tracking your cargo!

Install, Log In, Start Tracking

Once you've installed a tracker, tracking location and status is simple. Log in to our web app or mobile app to:

  • See the location of any asset on a map
  • View direction the asset is heading & the speed it's traveling
  • Use geofences to track when assets enter or leave a location
  • See and replay route history
  • Find frequented places with the Hot Spots Locator
  • and much more...
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