Btracking GPS Vehicle Trackers

Our business model is to sell, at very competitive prices (using our volume buying power), the most robust, longest-lasting GPS Trackers on the market, with over-the-air upgrading capability. Then, we keep your tracking subscription price as low as possible. This way, your lifetime cost with Btracking is likely to be less than that of most competitors.

We don't get you in the door with a low-priced GPS Tracker then charge high monthly tracking fees such that you'll pay far more in total beyond the first year. We don't sell trackers with minimal capabilities and high failure rates after a year, because our customers stay with us many years.

The price of our GPS Trackers is highly competitive, but does depend on the Tracking Subscription Plan you choose, the tracker configuration you want, and the volume of your purchase. Please contact us for GPS Tracker Price quotes.



Plugs in to the on-board diagnostics (OBDII) port in seconds. Captures complete vehicle diagnostics data. Ideal for cars, vans, light trucks. Easily concealed with a Y-cable.

  • Compact size: 2.5 in x 1.7 in x 1.2 in. Angled form factor avoids impacts from driver's knee
  • 4G LTE CAT 1 (global), 3G Pentaband (non-North America only)
  • Driver Behavior Monitor harsh driving, towing and impact detection, warning buzzer
  • Vehicle Data Fuel level, battery voltage, odometer, temperature, RPM, VIN, seatbelts, engine fault codes (vehicle dependent)
  • BLE Interface Bluetooth Low Energy interface supports optional add-ons such as key fob Driver ID
  • Optional CalAmp CrashBoxx™ Vehicle Risk Management System - 99% accurate crash alerts, severity rating, accident reconstruction, predictive physical damage
  • Conceal Tracker Discrete installation with a Y-Cable OBDII port replicator (optional, shown), or extender cable (optional)



Economical, easily concealed hardwired tracker.

  • Compact size: 2.9 in x 3.3 in x 0.8 in, easily concealed
  • 2G GSM (non-North America) or CDMA(North America), see Special Deals tab
  • Motion Sensor Motion and tilt detection (not driver behavior)
  • Internal or external antenna
  • 3 inputs/ 3 outputs Enables options including ignition disable, metering, door open/close, lights on/off, and more



Full-featured tracker for discreet installations. Available with built-in wiring harness, OBII power harness, water resistant case. Mounts virtually anywhere, ideal for leased and rental fleets.

  • Compact size: 2.1 in x 3.8 in x 0.8 in
  • Economical 4G LTE CAT M (Global)
  • 1-wire Interface For starter interupt, temperature sensing
  • Standard Configuration - 2 inputs/ 3 outputs with built-in wiring harness
  • Connectorized Configuration - OBDII power and relay harness with 3 inputs/ 4 outputs
  • Optional Weatherized Case - IP67 water/dust resistant case for harsh environments
  • Motion Sensor Motion and tilt detection (not driver behavior), buzzer
  • Options Driver ID, ignition disable, temperature sensing, doors open/closed, lights on/off