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Every Tracker Includes First 3 Months' GPS Tracking Free

3 Months' Tracking Free

3 Months' GPS Tracking Subscription is INCLUDED with every Tracker purchase. No need to commit to a contract upfront.

After 3 Months

Just pay for Monthly GPS Tracking - choose from Month-by-Month (No Contract), or save with a One Year or a Two Year Tracking Plan. See our Vehicle Tracking Plans.


You'll pay LESS with Btracking overall. We sell top quality Trackers with 3 months' free tracking. We do NOT lure with low-cost inferior Trackers followed by years of high recurring tracking fees.

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Order Your <br> GPS Vehicle Trackers
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Concealed Installation Cables - Automatic Driver ID - CrashBoxx™ Accident Alerts -and much more

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Order Your <br> GPS Vehicle Trackers
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Track one Vehicle or Manage An Entire Fleet

Login to the cloud-based Btracking Platform from any PC or Mobile Device - nothing to install


The Industry's #1 Tracker for Cars, Vans, Light Vehicles - Monitors Driver Behavior & Vehicle Health

$139.99 BTL3030 - LTE Cat 1

$169.99 BTL3240 - Ultrafast LTE Cat 4 with WiFi HotSpot

  • First 3 Months' Free Tracking included. After 3 months - see our Vehicle Tracking Plans
  • Our Flagship GPS Tracker installs in seconds in the OBDII (On Board Diagnostics) port, usually at base of dash next to steering column
  • Reports Location Every Minute when moving, every 6 hours when stopped (customizable)
  • Driver Behavior Monitors speed, harsh driving, impact detection, programmable audible warnings
  • Complete Diagnostic Vehicle Data Fuel level, battery voltage, odometer, temperature, RPM, VIN, seatbelt use, engine data, fault indicator/codes, much more
  • BLE Bluetooth peripheral support (for example, for use with automatic Driver ID key fob)
  • Easily concealed with optional Y-Cable
  • Audible Warnings Programmable integrated buzzer
  • Garmin® messaging support
  • Optional Add-Ons include Driver ID, Panic Button, CrashBoxx™ with 99% accurate crash alerts, severity rating, accident reconstruction, predictive physical damage

Device Specifications

  • Cell Networks
    • BTL3030 - LTE Cat 1 (NOTE: Customers outside North America receive BTL3040 - LTE Cat 1/HSPA/UMTS)
    • BTL3240 - LTE Cat 4/HSPA/UMTS (Global)
  • Dimensions 2.6 in x 1.9 in x 1.1 in
  • Weight 1.75 oz - 2.5 oz
  • Internal GPS and Cellular antennas
  • Buffers up to 2000 messages
  • Internal backup battery 180 mAH Li-Ion
  • Built-in triple axis accelerometer (all models), gyroscope (Global models)
  • Operating Voltage 12/24 v
  • BLE Bluetooth Low Energy interface peripheral support
  • 1 Year Warranty repair or replacement - extended to 2 years with a 2 Year Tracking Plan
  • Download Spec Sheet


Our Popular, Concealable Tracker with Multiple Power Options & Inputs/Outputs for Light Vehicles (No OBD Engine Data)

$99.99 BTL1230 - Hardwired, LTE Cat M1

$179.99 BTL1230W - Hardwired, Weatherproof Case, Heavy Duty Battery, LTE Cat M1

$119.99 BTL1230C - Connectorized Harness, Multiple Inputs/Outputs, LTE Cat M1

  • First 3 Months' Free Tracking included. After 3 months - see our Vehicle Tracking Plans
  • Inputs/Outputs monitors vehicle events such as door open/closed, lights on/off, PTO on/off
  • Hardwired models BTL1230 or 1230W are best for concealed installations
  • Connectorized model BTL1230C has two power options, OBDII plugin (standard) or auxiliary power outlet plugin with relay harness (optional) - perfect for situations that do not require concealment or engine data but do require input/output data such as door open/closed, lights on/off, etc.
  • Reports Location Every Minute when moving, every 6 hours when stopped (customizable)
  • Motion Sensing Motion and tilt detection, ignition on/off (No Driver Behavior or Vehicle Health Monitoring)
  • Optional Add-Ons include Starter Disable via SMS (Relay Kit required), Buzzer, External Cell Antenna - Contact Us to discuss options

Device Specifications

  • Cell Network LTE CAT M1 (Global)
  • Dimensions 2.1 in x 3.8 in x 0.8 in, weatherproof 3.06 in x 4.45 in x 0.87 in
  • Weight 2.2 oz hardwired, 3.9 oz connectorized, 6.3 oz weatherproof
  • Internal backup battery Li-Ion 200 mAH/1400 mAH heavy duty
  • Hardwired I/O ignition input / 2 digital inputs / 3 digital outputs
  • Connectorized I/O ignition input / 3 digital inputs / 4 digital outputs
  • Weatherproof version includes IP67 case
  • Internal GPS and Cellular antennas, optional external cell antenna
  • Buffers up to 2000 messages
  • Triple axis accelerometer for motion and tilt sensing (not driver behavior)
  • Operating Voltage 12/24 v
  • 1 Year Warranty repair or replacement - extend it to 2 years with a 2 Year Tracking Plan
  • Download Spec Sheet

Btracking Dash Cam

  • 2 camera and 5 camera systems available
  • Live streaming from multiple cameras
  • Access video remotely
  • Upload video instantly
  • Event-based notifications with video for driver coaching
  • Fully integrated with the Btracking Platform
The Btracking Dash Cam

Easy Installation

Plugin GPS Tracker Installation

  • Locate the OBDII port
  • Securely plug in the tracker
  • Turn vehicle ignition on
  • Login to the Btracking Platform
  • Start tracking!

Track and Manage Your Entire Fleet!

Once the tracker is installed, fleet management becomes simple. Log in to the PC or mobile device platform to:

  • See location, direction, speed and more
  • View detailed OBD data such as fuel level, temperature, battery health, fuel economy, vehicle monitoring systems
  • Use geofences to track when vehicles enter or leave a location
  • Route vehicles, find closest, send directions
  • Manage fleet maintenance schedules and receive alerts
  • See and replay route history
  • Find frequented places with the Hot Spots Locator
  • Improve safety with Driver Scorecards and automated Driver ID
  • and much more...
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