GPS Tracker Installation

Your offsite resources are tracked on the cloud-based Btracking Mapping Platform powered by Google Maps™, accessible via your PC or any mobile device. You set user permissions - for example, you can allow supervisors to see only the vehicles in their group, or perhaps you want to let your customers track the vehicles that deliver to them.

Btracking has a library of training materials and videos in our Customer Help Center and offers Unlimited Free Tech Support plus customized training.

Btracking Installers

  • Btracking maintains a network of experienced GPS Tracker installers across the US and Canada. If you wish to use a Btracking-designated installer, please contact us. Note - Btracking installers may not be available in your immediate vicinity.
  • Installation fee is determined by the installer and is not included in the tracker price or GPS service price.

Mechanics and Vehicle Audio System Installers

  • Many mechanics and most radio installers are experienced with GPS tracker installation, and may be more accessible to your location than our installer network.

Best Buy

  • Best Buy stores have Vehicle Audio System installers and are usually experienced with GPS tracker installation as well. Best Buy installation prices are often less than those of a mechanic or audio installer.