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Track Every Asset Worldwide

Btracking provides solutions to track and protect any asset. Our wide selection of GPS Asset Trackers means we have a tracker for every requirement. Our asset trackers can be installed on any asset virtually anywhere, to let you know exactly where your assets are, when they move, and where they're going.

Our popular solar rechargeable tracker is designed for use in the toughest environments. The tracker uses sunlight to recharge its batteries, and can also connect to and recharge from a machine power source. With batteries lasting up to seven years, solar powered trackers keep tabs on assets for years without access to a power source.

Our rugged, battery-only trailer trackers can be placed on the side or undercarriage of a trailer. Batteries last up to five years and are field-replaceable. For assets with a power source, our hard-wired hybrid trackers are the perfect solution. With power on, the tracker reports position every few minutes while it recharges the tracker battery. Then, with power off, the machine can sit idle and the tracker will report on battery power daily for up to six months.

If you have indoor assets, Btracking has the solution for you as well - indoor assets can be tracked with wi-fi capable trackers.

Proactive Protection For All Offsite Assets

With Btracking GPS Asset Tracking, you'll know where all your assets are, when they move, and where they're going. View location and status of all your assets worldwide on the Btracking Mapping Platform or the Mobile Platform right alongside your vehicles and smartphones.

  • Track Moveable Assets Track Trailers, Containers, Storage Pods
  • Track Heavy Machinery Graders, Loaders, Bulldozers, Cranes, Backhoes, Compactors, Forklifts
  • Keep Tabs on Stationary Equipment Generators, Pumping Equipment, Liquid Storage Tanks
  • Rentals Perfect for monitoring assets you rent out
  • Track Anything Tractors, Farm Machines, Oil Rig Equipment, Airport Ground Equipment - and so much more
Proactive Protection For All Offsite Assets

Solar Powered Tracker with Rechargeable Battery