Track iPhones and Android phones

Track any iPhone and Android device. It's easy! With Btracking you can track all your phones along with vehicles and other asset on ONE Mapping Platform!

Ideal for businesses with staff using their own vehicles or rental vehicles. Great for families too!

Important - This app is NOT intended to covertly track a phone. Virtually all jurisdictions require the permission of the phone user to track their phone.

  1. Download and install our LBS Edge Suite tracking app to the device you want to track. The app is FREE on the Apple App Store for iPhones, and on Google Play for Androids. The Welcome screen will ask you to Register the app.
  2. Purchase a Tracking Plan. We'll send your License to register the app, and your login and password to access the Btracking Mapping Platform.
  3. The License consists of a Site ID and an Account Number. Enter these in the fields indicated on the Welcome screen.
  4. Click the Gear icon in the app to configure the settings (or leave the defaults as is)
  5. Login to the Btracking Mapping Platform via any PC or mobile device to track your phones.

Phone Tracking With the Btracking LBS Edge Suite App

Btracking's phone and personal tracking solutions are ideal for mobile workforce. Outside Sales, Medical Personnel, Field Services, Delivery Services - Btracking helps teams of any size plan better and be more productive.

  • Track Your iPhone
    Download our LBS Edge Suite For iPhone phone tracking app free from the Apple App Store

    LBS Edge Suite

    See Help Center video on installing and configuring the iPhone tracking app.
  • Track Your Android Phone
    Download our LBS Edge Suite for Android phone tracking app free from Google Play

    LBS Edge Suite

    See Help Center video on installing and configuring the Android tracking app.
  • Uses Minimal Battery You choose reporting frequency and accuracy to optimize battery
  • Track Anytime or on a Set Schedule Track mobile phones anytime, or set a schedule such as work hours and track only at those times
  • Fully Configurable Set tracking schedules, location report frequency, accuracy, and more from within the app. Or set it up on the admin side and restrict what users can modify.
  • Real Time Tracking With Entire Fleet View the location and status of all personnel worldwide on the Btracking Mapping Platform or the Mobile Platform alongside vehicles and assets
  • Panic Button Additional safety