Enterprise Tracking for Truck Fleets

With Btracking it's easy to see how your fleet and drivers are doing during each day. Not just trucks, but trailers, machines, equipment, field personnel with phones or personal trackers. On one map, visible from your PC, tablet or phone.

With Btracking you can let your customers know the ETA for any truck. Need a new route? Another truck? No problem. Send the closet vehicle or an updated route from our traffic-enhanced GoogleTM Maps.

Concerned about driving behavior? Driver Scorecard tracks harsh driving events to score drivers against benchmarks and each other. Monitor speeding against posted limits with SpeedGauge Safety Center. Get instant arrival/departure notices and length of stay with Easy GeofencesTM. Want to know the locations drivers frequent the most? Find out in an instant with Hot Spots.

Btracking's state of the art Enterprise Fleet Trackers let you monitor engine performance in real time. Driver HOS compliance is easy with HOS eLogs. Keep maintenance records and easily plan and track upcoming maintenance.

Btracking Fleet Solutions

Btracking has the most complete, affordable GPS Fleet Tracking and GPS Asset Tracking solutions. Improve efficiency. Optimize operations. Save time. Cut costs. It all adds up to better, faster customer service, more sales and a stronger bottom line. Ready to start? Contact Btracking now. We're your Mobile Workforce Management partner. Let's get to work!

  • Activated and Ready Your GPS Fleet Tracker arrives tested, activated and ready to use. Btracking offers a full suite of fleet tracking hardware and messaging units
  • Easy Installation Hardwired GPS Trackers can be installed in about 30-45 minutes. Btracking has installers ready to help. Or simply connect to the OBD (On Board Diagnostics) port with a harness to connect to the OBD port)
  • PC and Mobile Tracking Platforms Log in to the Btracking Mapping Platform on your PC or the Btracking Mobile Platform on your mobile device. We're here to help you get started and productive with Free Unlimited Technical Support
  • jPOD™ ECU (Engine Control Unit) Interface Reads and transmits heavy-duty engine condition and performance data such as engine temperature along with the fault codes
  • ELD Compliant Electronic Driver Logs Available with our e-Track Mobile Suite HOS eLog solution
  • Track Trailers, Containers and Machinery Track with our GPS Asset Trackers including our Solar Hybrid Tracker, hybrid battery powered trackers, or long-life battery powered trackers with field-replaceable batteries

Video Solutions to Improve Fleet Safety

Statistics show one in five commercial fleet vehicles are involved in a collision each year. Even minor accidents can cause serious injuries or worse, damage cargo, put vehicles out of service, and increase insurance rates. It's no wonder fleets are increasingly adopting in-vehicle video solutions to deliver driver coaching, monitor driver behavior, and gain access to real-time visual evidence to support accident investigations.

Although in-vehicle video adoption continues to rise, many business owners and fleet managers are still challenged to support multiple systems for location tracking and video monitoring, and struggle to identify the optimal solution for their unique requirements. Btracking's In-Vehicle Video Solutions help to alleviate these challenges. .

  • Live Streaming Check in on drivers and the road around them with live streaming from multiple cameras at once
  • Event-Based Notifications Unsafe driving, fatigue, and actions such as phone usage can be captured, saved and sent as an alert    
  • Steam Video History Video can be remotely accessed
  • Image Trail Snapshots Snapshots are captured every 5 minutes and displayed along the vehicle's route     
  • Real Time Driver Coaching Driver real time alerts help to coach and improve behavior enhancing performance, safety and efficiency