Enterprise Tracking for Heavy Vehicles
Improve Fleet Efficiency - Save Costs

With Btracking it's easy to see how your fleet and drivers are doing during each day. Vehicles, trailers, field personnel with phones or personal trackers, all on one platform accessible from your PC, tablet or phone.

With Btracking you can let your customers know the ETA for any vehicle. Need a new route? No problem. Send the closest vehicle or an updated route from our traffic-enhanced GoogleTM Maps. Automatically ID Drivers with key fobs or your own RFID or HID cards (the same ones you use for building entry), and prevent unauthorized drivers from using the vehicle. Get text alerts when a vehicle moves outside authorized hours .

Concerned about driving behavior? Driver Scorecard tracks harsh driving events to score drivers against benchmarks and each other. Monitor speeding against posted limits with SpeedGauge. Get instant arrival/departure notices and length of stay with Easy GeofencesTM. Want to know the locations drivers frequent the most? Find out in an instant with Hot Spots.

Btracking's state of the art Enterprise Fleet Trackers let you monitor Vehicle Diagnostics in real time. Driver HOS compliance is easy with ELD. Keep maintenance records and easily plan and track upcoming maintenance.

A Powerful, Integrated, Cloud-Based GPS Tracking & Fleet Management Platform for PCs and Mobile Devices

  • PC Platform and Mobile Device Platform Intuitive Google Maps™ platform with map, satellite and street views
  • View Your Fleet in Real Time from anywhere in the world
  • Plan, Dispatch and track jobs with Workflow.
  • Integrate & Monitor Phone Users Keep track of field staff phone users with the LBS Edge app to integrate with your vehicle tracking
  • Track & Monitor All Assets Track & monitor Trailers & Containers all on one powerful platform. Monitor cargo & improve capacity management with the Cargo Management System
  • Unlimited Free Training & Support Btracking supports you every step of the way

Driver Scorecard Monitors Driving Behavior

  • Score Drivers with a customizable scoring system
  • Compare driver scores vs. benchmarks and/or other drivers
  • Great for Driver Coaching & Safety
  • Events Include Harsh Driving, Excess Speed, Excessive Idling, After Hours Use, Night Driving

Dashcams, Video Surround and AI Driver Coaching Systems

  • Choose from our Dashcam Systems
  • Live streaming from multiple cameras
  • Access video remotely
  • Upload video instantly
  • Event-based notifications with video for driver coaching
  • Fully integrated with the Btracking Platform

Fleet Maintenance

  • Schedule & Track Maintenance Schedule maintenance & get reminders based on odometer, engine hours, or calendar
  • Log maintenance records along with costs
  • Improve Fleet Reliability with real time engine fault code alerts


  • e-Track Certified The primary application drivers use to set driving status, display their logs, and send files to safety officials
  • e-Track ECMLink Allows the Android device to collect information from the ECM and largely runs in the background. Even when there is no driver logged into the e-Track Certified app, e-Track ECMLink continues to monitor the ECM, logging it under an unidentified driver profile until such time as a user can log into e-Track Certified to claim the data
  • e-Track Certified II Similar to e-Track Certified, but is used by a co-driver when the vehicle is in motion, providing additional flexibility to the driving team
  • e-Track ECMLink connects to the ECM via cable and bluetooth

Route Geofences

  • Protect Against Theft Provides real-time reporting when a shipment goes off-course
  • Reduce Costs and Downtime Be alerted when a driver strays off route
  • Easily Define Route Geofences Just trace the route on a map, or select a route already driven

Heavy Duty Vehicle Trackers & Telematics Gateways