Track and Monitor HVAC Vehicles, Machinery and Equipment

Do you still rely on instant messaging or phone calls to know the whereabouts of your HVAC crew and drivers? If you are looking for a more accurate and convenient way to locate them and monitor their work, look no further than Btracking. We provide stellar HVAC GPS fleet tracking solutions that you can use to achieve better operational efficiency. Let's find out more about our GPS tracking solutions for HVAC companies.

What is HVAC GPS Fleet Tracking?

HVAC GPS tracking solutions are designed to help HVAC companies enhance business productivity and efficiency for an improved bottom line. HVAC businesses spend a significant portion of their budgets on vehicles and drivers, so it's a good idea to invest in managing and maintaining the fleet for maximum efficiency. With a GPS tracking system, you will be able to dispatch multiple HVAC vehicles and coordinate their movement. You will be able to determine whether they can arrive at a certain destination on time or if they require more time due to traffic congestion and other adverse situations. This way, you can inform your customers regarding any last minute changes and avoid potential complaints.

Case Study

Btracking has numerous HVAC contractors as customers. Many are larger companies with dozens of vehicles and offer plumbing and electric services as well. But smaller companies derive great benefits from Btracking, and one of our customers in the Denver area is one of those. A customer since 2012, this company tracks its vehicle fleet every day and uses Btracking to provide routes, keep track of vehicle maintenance, and alert the office manager (who handles the fleet) when vehicles need servicing. Impact detection and reporting is also a feature this business appreciates after having one of its vehicles involved in an accident. The accident alert was received right away and the company was able to locate and route the nearest fleet vehicle to the scene where fortunately damage was minimal and there were no injuries.

Another unique feature used by this company is the Hot Spots frequented location feature, which instantly identifies locations visited during a recent time period and the frequency of those visits. The company has been able to cut back going "off-route" to stop at certain locations, which has lessened downtime between service calls.

The Benefits of HVAC GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Improve customer service: HVAC GPS trackers allow you to locate a technician who is closest to a customer's location and dispatch them via the best routes. Other information you can get includes time of arrival, time spent on job assignment, and more. Note that all these are vital to maintaining good relationships with your customers.
  • Better HVAC crew management: Managing remote workers is a common task you have to undertake because your HVAC service technicians are in the field most of the time. GPS trackers can provide automated reports on issues such as aggressive driving, speeding, and excessive idling. In other words, you can use HVAC GPS trackers to prevent harmful employee driving habits that may compromise their safety and hurt your brand reputation.
  • Helps you cut down costs: Fuel is a major expense for any modern HVAC fleet. But luckily, GPS fleet trackers can help lower those costs. For instance, They allow your drivers to take the most efficient route from one job to the next, prevent vehicles from being subject to personal use, and more. Depending on your insurance policy, insurance provider, and driving record of your fleet, you may even enjoy discounts on vehicle insurance as well!