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Mobile Health Care GPS Fleet Tracking

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Btracking is an industry-leading provider of GPS fleet tracking solutions for mobile health care professionals. Since our inception, we have been providing high quality GPS tracking solutions for medical professionals that are involved in emergency response situations, offsite health care service provisions, and more. Find out more about our expertise in GPS fleet trackers for mobile health care professionals!

What is Mobile Health Care GPS Fleet Tracking?

Mobile health care professionals may also be involved in ambulance dispatches, medicine supply, blood transportation, routine mobile health check-ups, etc. As you can see, transportation plays an important role in a wide range of health care operations. GPS fleet tracking helps ensure that all these operations are well-coordinated and can be executed within the required timeframe, in a safe and efficient manner.

Also, some types of patients may need emergency response systems for personal or caregiver usage. Oftentimes, these systems are used with unobtrusive GPS locators (about the size of a remote for a vehicle). This robust tracking solution/combination ensures the location of the monitored patient can be easily tracked, both indoors and outdoors.

The Benefits of Mobile Health Care GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Mobile health care visit verification: Not only does GPS technology help you track vehicle location or time spent at a certain location in real time, tThere are mobile health care GPS tracking systems that allow professionals to record the services rendered during a visit. Accurate reporting gives family members assurance that their loved ones have received proper care, and can be used when billing disputes arise.
  • Improvements in accountability: Without GPS fleet tracking, you could be running the risk of employees taking care of personal errands while on duty or shaving time off home health visits. When you use GPS trackers, you will know where your business vehicles are at all times. By ensuring employee accountability, you will be able to improve customer satisfaction as well as the quality of care.
  • Schedule better routes: You will find it easier to work the maximum number of routes into the day while maintaining both the quality and standards of care your health care organization has for the patients you and your team serve. Employee hours will no longer be wasted in traffic while commuting from one location to another.
  • Skip traditional paperwork: Mobile health care professionals can lose precious time from filling out forms after forms. Let GPS fleet tracking software record information for you. Digital record keeping is not just about saving the trees anymore, you will be able to save your entire operation a significant amount of labor costs and lost time annually!

Why Choose Btracking for Mobile Health Care GPS Fleet Tracking?

Established in 2009, Btracking is a trusted provider of GSA-approved GPS fleet tracking solutions for mobile health care professionals. You can have peace of mind knowing that our tracking technology is tried and tested, and you need to do is to plug them into the On Board Diagnostics ports of your company vehicles. It is that easy! Whether you are managing a large fleet or a modest one, we have the right solution for your needs.

Next, our GPS coverage covers over 90% of the Earth's surface. All the information you need is at your fingertips. The data and analytics that our systems provide are easy to understand, and can be applied to improve your mobile health care services in no time.

Feel free to call Btracking at 1-866-233-0953 or email us at to schedule a demonstration of our mobile health care GPS fleet tracking capabilities today!