Track and Monitor Outside Sales Teams and Vehicles

Are you managing an outside sales force? Perhaps a team that uses company vehicles, or their personal vehicles to perform their job scopes? If the answer is yes, then you would know that mileage reimbursement could entail a time-consuming process. At Btracking, we are a trusted provider of outside sales GPS fleet tracking solutions. Our GPS tracking software is designed to automate the mentioned task and help you avoid the running the risk of overpaying employees that tried to over-report their mileage or even include personal trips during work hours.

What is Outside Sales Team GPS Tracking?

Organizations such as pharmaceutical companies often have outside sales teams. In addition, some of the sales representatives will be assigned to a company vehicle while other companies may let their sales executives use their own personal vehicles for work.

The problem is that some companies have not yet chosen to adopt GPS tracking software to aid their operations; to monitor their outside sales team. One of the reasons why this happens is due to business owners having the mindset that vehicle tracking systems are only for companies that make deliveries or need to manage large fleets.

In order to optimize your sales force, it is recommended that you tap on the potential of outside sales GPS fleeting tracking software. It can help you streamline operations, improve service delivery, and even boost sales!

The Benefits of Outside Sales Team GPS Tracking

  • Increase safety for your outside sales team: The safety of your outside sales force matters as your people spend so much time on the road each day. With GPS fleet trackers, you will be able to monitor your company vehicles and ensure they are driven within a safe speed limit. By ensuring that no one takes unnecessary risks in your vehicles, accidents will be avoided and you will be able to maintain your reputation. In case of an emergency, you will be able to facilitate swift response as you will be notified of the precise location of the accident.
  • Ensures accountability in times of need: Outside sales personnel has to be accountable for their actions. GPS fleet tracking for outside sales allows professionals to ensure that their team is staying on task to meet stipulated goals. For example, making their appointed rounds, following routes that have been established for them, and staying their designated territories.
  • Enable efficient route planning: Efficient route planning ensures that all sales personnel are managing their time more efficiently and operating within his or her assigned sales territories. This also ensures that more potential customers can be met within a day, and unnecessary travel time can be reduced.