Track and Monitor Pest Control Vehicles and Equipment for Your Fleet

Pest control employees spend a significant amount of time on the road daily because all pest control services are performed onsite. And like many industries today, the pest control industry is one that can benefit greatly from pest control GPS fleet tracking. In fact, GPS tracking systems for pest control can increase productivity, reduce expenses, and improve the profit margin for both small and large pest control businesses alike.

What is Pest Control GPS Fleet Tracking?

Pest control GPS fleet tracking solutions comprise of various systems and devices that help pest control operators dispatch sales representatives and pest control specialists to the next swarm call in a more efficient manner. These systems can highlight various problems such as personal activities on company time, speeding, inefficient routing, and more. It allows business owners to take the necessary corrective measures to stop activities that could incur costs and affect the company's bottom line. All in all, pest control GPS fleeting tracking helps monitor your two most expensive assets – your fleet and your team.

The Benefits of Pest Control GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Ensure pest control vehicles are properly maintained: Your pest control vehicles spend lots of hours on the road daily. Keeping your fleet well maintained can help prolong their service lifespan, maintain optimal levels of oil and fuel consumption, reduce risks of breakdowns, and more. GPS tracking also notifies you when a vehicle requires routine maintenance.
  • Promote responsible employee behavior: Crews often operate with substantial autonomy. Some may go off course in between jobs and even run personal errands on company time. With GPS tracking, you can stop these activities from happening. You can let your employees know that you take safety seriously, thus reducing speed-related accidents, insurance price spikes, and more.
  • Enable efficient route scheduling: With the correct GPS routing features, pest control agencies can add up to four service calls to their books each day. Consider the amount of fuel savings that go along with GPS routing and tracking, the bottom line for your business can significantly improve.
  • Easier to handle dispute settlements: When it comes to service calls, you would want to verify the amount of time your team spends on any given property. Some customers may decide to dispute a charge for various reasons and you will need to verify the location for your customer’s knowledge and gather evidence to support your charges.