Easy Geofences™

Btracking takes geofencing to another level with Easy Geofences™. Easily create geofences by drawing them on the map or just give us the addresses to geofence and we'll handle it.

Easily create a virtual boundary around any location - your office, a job site, customer, supplier. Then, when a vehicle, phone or any tracked asset enters or exits the area, you'll know. You can assign certain geofences to certain vehicles/assets/phones, or to any group. You can nest geofences - for example, put geofences around job sites within a town, then put a geofence around the entire town to be alerted if vehicles leave the town.

  • Entry and Exit - Perhaps you want to know when employees are on the job site. You can get a text or email alert, or just keep track of entry and exit times and length of stay with reports.
  • Time Reporting - A popular use of geofences is time reporting. Entering and leaving a geofenced job site creates a log of time spent at the job site. And with data on file for years, you can easily check records in case of disputes.
  • Unauthorized Use or Stolen Vehicles and Assets - Unauthorized use of company vehicles and equipment may be a liability issue. Geofence alerts, in combination with unauthorized use notices if a vehicle or asset moves outside designated hours, provides the information you need to keep company property protected.
  • Route Geofences - Put a geofence around any route and get notified whenever the vehicle goes off the route. With Easy Geofences™, this is simple to set up - you can instantly create Route Geofences from previously driven routes!

Quickly Create and Assign Geofences

  • Fast, Easy Geofence Creation Click on the map, or click the current location of a vehicle or person to create a Geofence
  • Designate Regularly Visited Locations Use geofences for regularly visited work sites, clients, buildings, or towns and cities
  • Quickly Assign Geofences Assign geofences to select groups of vehicles and persons, or individually
  • Alerts and Reports Get notified of entry and exit times and length of stay via instant alerts and/or reports
  • Nested Geofences Place a geofence around a town, state, etc., and have multiple geofences within it

Route Geofences

  • Keep Drivers on Regular Routes be alerted when a driver strays off route
  • Easily Define Route Geofences Just trace the route on a map, or select a route already driven