Accident Reporting - Accident Reconstruction - Towing Detection

Btracking has two levels of alerts in case of an accident. If an impact is detected by the GPS tracker (model dependent), an alert can be sent email and/or SMS. Our premier service, CrashBoxx™, provides instant alerts and captures comprehensive crash data for accident reconstruction within minutes of the event.

Enhanced CrashBoxx™ Accident Reporting and Reconstruction*

  • Instant Notification Via email and/or SMS
  • Comprehensive Crash Data For accident reconstruction
  • Detailed Impact Data Includes force of the crash, direction of impact and speed prior to impact
  • Automated Reporting Facilitates validation and investigation services, streamlines the claims process
  • * CrashBoxx™ is an optional feature and requires that the GPS tracker be securely mounted. Professional installation recommended.

Standard Impact and Towing Alerts

  • Instant Alerts Via email and/or SMS if impact is detected by the tracker, pinpointing time and location
  • Pre- and Post-crash Vehicle Data Includes speed, rpm and direction are captured
  • Route Tracking Towed vehicle route history is tracked