Let Clients Track Your Vehicles & Srvice Technicians

If you operate a service or delivery business, you may want to let clients view the location of a vehicle or technician assigned to their service call, and track it as it moves toward them in real time. You can let clients view any item you track, be it a vehicle, a person with a phone or personal tracker, even an asset like a trailer or a container. Estimated Arrival Time coming soon!

Just send a temporary link to the customer's email. Make it available for a long as you like. Your client clicks the link to track and follow the vehicle or technician in real time on their smart phone or PC. Your client does not log in to Btracking.

Send Link to Client

  • Choose Item to Share Just click the vehicle or person icon on the Tracking Tab
  • Send Tracking Link Click Live Tracker, click Share This, enter the client's email address, choose time till link expiry, and Send!

Customer Tracks on Phone or PC

  • Client Receives Link Link arrives in your customer's email
  • Client Tracks the Item Client sees location and speed updated every few seconds, and can track the assigned vehicle, technician, container, etc., moving in real time
  • Estimated Arrival Time Coming soon!