Fleet Management with Workflow Dispatch

Plan Jobs and Routes. Assign drivers. Schedule, dispatch, track and reroute on the fly. See variances between planned and actual completion times. If you're dispatching vehicles to multiple jobs each day, you might be losing out to inefficient route planning. With Workflow Dispatch from Btracking, you can easily optimize jobs and routes:

  • Let Btracking plan the route, or just drag and drop stops to find the route that best fits your needs
  • Send routes to your drivers’ Garmin® device
  • Complete more jobs, improve planning, increase customer satisfaction, cut costs.

Workflow Dispatch is your Fleet and Mobile Workforce Management planning and scheduling tool. Use existing routes to build templates for reuse. Prioritize and assign tasks individually and as a group. Edit any point in the workflow cycle. With Workflow Dispatch you have a full set of productivity tools, templates and communication options.

Manage Jobs and Routes

  • Templates Build jobs and routes (groups of jobs) with templates
  • Assign and Manage Resources Easily assign and reassign resources
  • Dashboard View the entire workflow picture on one dashboard

Edit Jobs

  • Easy Edit Create and save job templates

View and Assign Jobs

  • View Jobs and Assign Resouces

Build Routes of Jobs

  • Build Routes Design routes (groups of jobs) with templates

Assign & Send Routes

  • Find Nearest Quickly spot the closest vehicle or person and send or reroute
  • Integration Integrates with Garmin® Dezl and Magellan for routing, messaging and chat


  • Status Check job and route status
  • Reprioritize Make changes as needed
  • Time to Complete Monitor actual vs. planned/scheduled time to complete