Track and Monitor Plumbing Service Vehicles and Fleets

At Btracking, we provide winning plumbing GPS fleet tracking solutions that efficiently track the movement of your plumbing business fleet. By staying knowledgeable with the location and activity of your vehicles, you'll improve customer service and enhance business performance. Let's find out more about GPS tracking solutions for plumbing businesses!

How does GPS Fleet Tracking help a plumbing business?

A significant portion of a plumbing company's operations tends to happen on an emergency basis. Your customer may contact you regarding frozen pipes or a toilet that's overflowing. Often, you need to respond at a moment's notice. If you manage more than one vehicle, real-time fleet tracking will be an enormous asset. A GPS fleet tracking system shows where all vehicles are at any given time, finds the closest vehicle and sends routing details. This information helps you respond promptly to an emergency call.

Case Study

Btracking helps dozens of plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical contracting businesses across the U.S., Canada and in several other countries.

One customer in Pennsylvania has a fleet of about 40 vehicles. The Operations Manager uses Btracking every day to to plan service routes and attend to emergency calls. As a company owned fleet, the Ops Manager wants to know when vehicles are used outside regular hours. Most of the time it's an emergency call, but it also helps him spot when employees use company vehicles and equipment for unauthorized side jobs. Btracking's Unauthorized Use alert is the answer - the Ops Manager sets the work schedule for each group of vehicles, and gets a text alert whenever a vehicle moves outside those hours.

This business also uses idling alerts to cut down on wasted fuel and fueling reports to make sure all fuel spend is used only for company vehicles. The Ops Manager tells us that Btracking's Driver Scorecard "has really cut down on speeding and aggressive driving. Drivers are competing to be acknowledged as a top scoring driver, and it's made a real difference in reducing the wear and tear on our vehicles."

This company has a Btracking GPS vehicle tracker in every vehicle, and is now installing Btracking on company mobile phones to provide an even more complete picture.

More Benefits of Plumbing GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Helps assign employees best situated for a certain job: When you receive an emergency call, you'll know who's in the best location to respond, and be able to provide arrival times.
  • Accurate timekeeping and invoicing: It's easy to see how long vehicles and staff have been at a job site, allows for accurate invoicing, and prevents customer invoicing disputes.
  • Higher chance of recovering stolen vehicles: You may never know when vehicle theft will strike. In the event that one of your vehicles is stolen, GPS tracking software increases the chances of getting the vehicle back.
  • Easier to maintain vehicles: By knowing when your vehicles are due for maintenance, you will be able to schedule vehicle maintenance in a timely manner.