Btracking PRO BPATL1 Long Range Solar GPS Tracker

  • LoRa (Long Range Wide Area Network) Solar Powered Asset Tracker
  • Integrated with fleet & asset management
  • Perfect for tracking assets in yards, depots, sea ports, airports
  • Does everything cellular based GPS trackers do without the wireless network costs


The Btracking PRO Solar Powered BPATL1 GPS Asset Tracker is packaged in a rugged IP67 enclosure, has integrated GPS and has a LoRa communication range of around 3/4 mile (1.2km) radius making it the ideal way to track heavy equipment, chassis, containers, trailers, generators, reefers and other valuable assets in yards, depots, airports, warehouses and sea ports.

Optionally a high accuracy digital temperature sensor can be added to monitor the temperature in reefer trailers or cold rooms. 


Solar Powered

The BPATL1 consumes very little power. When exposed to sunlight 8hrs/dayin most additional charging is not needed.

LoRa Long Range Protocol

Up To 3/4 Mile (1.2km) communication range between the LoRa Tracker and Piccolo Gateway Tracker

Waterproof, IP67 Enclosure

Purpose built to withstand the harshest environments.

How it Works

How it Works


Yard Management
Sea Port

Key Features

  • Yards - BPATL1 devices installed on generators, heavy machinery and refrigerated trailers around the yard send via LoRa network the GPS based location and optional temperature data of the asset they are installed on
  • Sea Ports - BPATL1 devices installed containers and chassis at the port send via LoRa network the GPS based location of the asset they are installed on
  • Warehouses - BPATL1 devices installed on pallets and inside cold rooms send via LoRa the GPS based location and temperature of the asset
  • All Applications - BPATL1 works together with the BPATX2S Solar Tracker IoT Gateway

BPATL1 LoRa GPS Tracker from Btracking PRO

Functional Specifications

  • BPATX2S solar powered trackers packaged in a IP67 rugged enclosure
  • Install throughout yard, depot, airport, port in a radius of 1/2 mile one to the other, creating a LoRa network throughout the area
  • The BPATX2S performs as a LoRa gateway, uploading the data received from the LoRa BPATL1 GPS trackers to the Platform via cellular
  • The only cellular connection (and charge) is thus from the BPATX2S devices
  • LoRa devices do not use cell network connections or incur network charges

Technical Specifications

  • Network
    • LoRa
  • High Precision GPS Antenna
  • Enclosure
    • Dimensions: 3.30" X 2.25" X 1.34"
    • IP67 Waterproof enclosure
  • Environmental
    • Operating Temperature: 22º to 176º F (-30º to 80º C)
  • Power
    • Solar
  • Installation
    • Easily mounted in place with heavy duty magnets, 3M Heavy Duty Tape or screws
  • Optional Sensors
    • Wireless IoT Tags for temperature, Pressure, engine, door
  • Pings
    • Plug & Play installation to Piccolo Base unit, or directly to vehicle power with OBDII/J1939 connector