A Unified Advanced Fleet Management Platform with Dedicated Purpose-Built Hardware

Btracking PRO Platform powered by Google Maps™ is your Unified Platform for Fleet Management, Asset Tracking, Cold Chain Solutions, ELD Compliance, and Fleet Safety. Powered by industry-leading plug & play hardware, we provide the most advanced fleet management and asset tracking platform to optimize fleet activity, performance and transform businesses of all sizes with real-time data and insights into day to day operations.

Key Features

  • Total visibility of your entire fleet - location, where/when stopped, how long, speed, direction, mileage between stops, cargo temperature, much more
  • Route Planning & Optimization integrated with DriverLink phone app
  • Arrival/Departure and Entry/Exit real-time alerts and length of stay with Geofences
  • Automatically ID Drivers and block unauthorized persons from starting a vehicle
  • Get alerts when a vehicle moves outside authorized hours
  • View vehicle speed vs. posted limits and vehicle diagnostic data in real time
  • Comprehensive reports - stops by customer, speeding with locations, idling, driver logs, fuel usage by state, routes traveled, much more
  • Driver HOS compliance is easy with ELD
  • Super groups and subgroups to organize your fleet
  • Plan, manage and track vehicle maintenance and cost
  • Speeding and harsh driving event summary reports educates drivers and improves safe driving habits
  • Let customers know location and ETA for any vehicle
  • Control which groups/vehicles/reports each user is allowed to access
  • Integration with other applications and enterprise systems

Solutions for Every Industry

Btracking PRO is an advanced system designed to optimize the performance of any business with a fleet

A Unified Platform

Everything's available on one clear, uncluttered, intuitive platform accessible from any desktop computer or mobile device

Smart Map

See only what you need to see in real time and remove chaos with clustering, super and subgroups and user permissions

Get the Power of Btracking PRO

Fleet View

  • Google Maps™ intuitive platform with satellite, traffic, street view
  • Complete Data Location, address, speed, direction, odometer, fuel level, battery health, driver name, recent alerts, tagged tool, inventory on board
  • Groups Create groups and subgroups, cluster groups, set user viewing permissions
  • Monitor Speed vs Posted Limits Vehicle speed displays in real time vs posted speed limits
  • Create or import unlimited landmarks of customer locations, employees addresses, and any other frequently visited locations
  • Landmarks increase productivity by making it easier for you to dispatch, set up more efficient routes, quickly locate the nearest vehicle for a job, and more.
  • Multi-language and worldwide time-zones

Vehicle Maintenance & Diagnostics

  • Track vehicle maintenance
  • Real Time engine fault code alarms
  • Real Time Engine Fault Codes
  • Monitor Tire Pressure in real-time throughout your fleet, improving fleet safety

Driver Safety

  • Reduce dangerous speeding events by gaining real-time visibility into your drivers real speed vs posted speed limits
  • View driving events Easily view and zoom into harsh driving events
  • Improve Safe Driving All the data you need to consult drivers and improve safe driving habits with summary reports of speeding, harsh turns/braking/accelerationimproving safety, vehcile health and productivity

Reports and Fuel Tracking

  • Extensive suite of reports customizeable to your requirements
  • Track Fueling Fuel Card support, also drivers can scan fuel receipts
  • Fuel Tax Filing Automatically track mileage for each vehicle per state, with breakdown of toll road usage, and fuel purchased in each state
  • Easily organizable by vehicle, group, subgroup
  • PTO Comprehensive reports of PTO usage

Fleet Route Planning & Optimization

  • Import all your jobs, deliveries, pickups, size of the load and size of trucks.
  • Let RouteLink create optimal routes, assign jobs or loads to routes, and optimize the order of stops along the route!
  • Automatically download optimized routes to the driver’s mobile
  • Replay Any Routes taken for any number of vehicles

Tools, Equipment, Inventory Management

  • Tag tools, equipment, inventory, small items with our RFID and BLE tags
  • View last location of every tagged item
  • See which items are on board each vehicle

Boundaries (Geofences)

  • Set up boundaries around specific geographical areas such as your company yard or operational jurisdiction locations. You can even set a boundary within a boundary!
  • Alerts and be notified when vehicles enter and exit a boundary. Set alerts to notify you at any time, or only certain times such as during working hours
  • Set Priorities Alerts can have varying degrees of priority. Use our default alerts and notifications, or we'll customize alerts for you. For example, you might prefer a Check Engine Light On alert to send a text message and/or sound a warning chime on your dashboard. Or, perhaps you'd prefer to simply keep a record of the alert. Or you might prefer no alert notice at all. It's up to you.
  • Flexible Notifications Notifications can be sent any way you choose - by an icon on the map, a sound on the dashboard, an email, or a text message


  • Easily set up real-time alerts for any type of event within your operations, such as:
  • When equipment or vehicles move
  • Required maintenance
  • Boundary/Geofence entry/exit, length of stay, speed on entry/exit, within the vicinity of a landmark
  • Excessive Idling keep vehicles in top shape and reduce fuel costs
  • Off Route
  • Length of stay exceeds allowed duration
  • Unauthorized or Excessive Use Set up designated allowed usage times or mileage/hours allowances
  • Vehicle Performance Low battery, engine warning light, low tire pressure, much more
  • Emergency Accident, towing, fuel stolen
  • Tracker Tampering Tracker removed, installed, moved to another vehicle
  • many more

Extensive, Easy-to-Use Reports

  • Drill down and uncover all the data you need to find productivity and cost improvements