The Most Innovative Fleet Route Planning & Optimization System Integrated With Fleet Management, ELD And Cameras

Btracking PRO Fleet Route Planning makes planning and tracking routes easy for fleets of any size. Route Optimiztion improves on-time delivery performance, increases efficiency for more deliveries per day, and reduces miles driven, vehicle wear and fuel costs.

Key Features

  • Route Optimization finds the most cost-effective route for a set of stops
  • Does NOT simply find the shortest path
  • Optimization alogorith considers number of deliveries in a route and delivery time windows
  • Speeds delivery with cost savings
  • Improves delivery visibily for customers, increasing customer satisfaction

Increase Customer Happiness

Customers automatically receive an SMS message with alerts, ETA’s, and route progress

Reduce Delivery Costs

Find shorter routes, reassigning drivers/vehicles quickly as needed

Real Time Re-Routing

Easily re-route vehicles and send to drivers via DriverLink App to immediately accommodate route changes

Route Planning

  • Import  jobs, delivery & pickup locations, load size, vehicle capacity, and time windows for deliveries/pickups
  • Btracking PRO calculates the best route while taking into consideration intersections, turns, left hand turns, traffic congestion and best approach to a stop

Route Building & Optimizing

  • Let Btracking PRO plan delivery routes, assign jobs or loads to the routes and optimize the order of stops along the route
  • Save time by not having to manually plan routes
  • Avoid traffic and routing mistakes
  • Deliver more in the same amount of time.
  • With read receipts, you always know when messages have been delivered and read by drivers

Routes Automatically Sent to Driver's Phone via DriverLink App

  • Drivers receive optimized routes on their Android or iOS mobile device
  • Dispatchers can easily re-route vehicles remotely and send messages to drivers
  • If a driver cannot complete a route, dispatchers can quickly redirect other drivers to cover the route
  • Both dispatcher and driver get route updates in real time
  • DriverLink App provides fleet management functionalities including point by point historical trail, geofence alerts, speeding and comprehensive fleet management reports