IoT Cold Chain Temperature & Humidity Monitoring with Location Tracking

Btracking PRO is our most powerful, fully integrated, cloud-based GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System. Our IoT cold chain refrigeration monitoring solution uses wireless sensors to measure and record real-time temperature, humidity and location - ensuring consistent temperatures throughout the supply chain. Real-time alerts can instantly warn you if the temperature or humidity has deviated below or above a predetermined threshold allowing issues to be handled in real time.

Key Features

  • Temperature & Humidity Monitoring in Real Time
  • Real-time GPS Location Monitoring
  • Keep track of all cold chain products from one centralized cloud-based solution
  • Access reports such as real-time and historical temperature, location, routes and more
  • Automate manual temperature and vibration logging
  • Share temperature reports and ETA's with your customer for increased visibility and reliability
  • Quickly detect product temperature problems with real-time temperature alerts
  • Use wired or wireless IoT temperature & humidity monitoring sensors
  • From package level to shipping container to full facility monitoring
  • Drivers quickly detect product temperature & humidity problems with a connected driver app
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Easy integration with other applications and enterprise systems.
  • Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions

The 3 Ways to Monitor Temperature & Humidity

Inventory Control

Real time visibility on which container and chassis is at a specific port, when it got there, and for how long stayed there

Intuitive Cloud Platform

Our clear, intuitive platform provides everything you need to monitor every vehicle and asset in the fleet. Get instant alerts on unauthorized use, door open, trailer disconnected

Comprehensive Reports

360° Reports provide the full supply chain picture - routes, geofence entry/exit, inventory, asset activity, battery level

Track and Protect Valuable Assets & Cargo with Btracking PRO

One Centralized Cloud-Based Cold Chain Solution

  • Efficiently manage the storage, shipping, and distribution of products such as pharma and food products
  • Ensure a temperature & humidity-controlled environment with our IoT cold chain monitoring system
  • Real-time alerts on temperature/humidity change and deviations
  • Real-time & historical temperature reports and ETA’s for your customers

Real Time Alerts

  • Alerts are sent in real-time to the driver and other stakeholders as soon as temperature deviations are detected
  • Automatic alerts notify the driver in real-time of any temperature/humidity deviations so swift action can be taken to prevent spoilage when a need occurs.
  • All alerts include the address, time, vehicle or vehicle compartment and the temperature/humidity deviation data.
  • Drivers can even comment on each alert, giving dispatchers visibility and context on how the alert was generated and handled, making is easy to identify, investigate, and resolve cold chain abnormalities.

A Wide Range of IoT Temperature/Humidity Sensors to Meet Any Requirement

Temperature Monitoring On The Package Level

  • We offer temperature monitoring for smaller cold chain products, such as organ distribution or pharma medicine.
  • These products are exposed to greater temperature excursion risk and damage so monitoring them on the package level with our IoT wireless temperature monitoring sensors reduces damage and ensures your products arrive in optimal condition.

Provide Cold Chain Visibility and Reliability

  • Through the IoT cold chain system and the driver’s mobile app, you can extend visibility to your customer, reducing the number of “where are you” calls, back and forth between the carrier and customer
  • Provide temperature/humidity reports alongside proof of delivery to reduce rejected shipments and increase confidence, and share live ETAs to reduce inquiries and streamline deliveries.

IoT Cold Chain Monitoring Devices & Sensors


Piccolo Hybrid IoT Tracker

  • 4G CATM1/NB1
  • Wired Temperature: Up to 6 different cold zones simultaneously
  • Back-up battery life up to 5 years, 5000 check-ins on a single charge
  • IP67 Waterproof enclosure
  • Programmable Geofences
  • Optional Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, engine, door


Piccolo TMX Portable Rechargeable Temperature/Humidity Tracker

  • 4G LTE CAT1
  • Wired Temperature: Up to 6 different cold zones simultaneously
  • Battery life of up to 5000 check-ins when fully charged
  • IP67 Waterproof enclosure
  • Programmable Geofences
  • Optional Sensors: Humidity, Temperature


Solar Powered RFID Tags

  • Wireless Temperature: Unlimited cold zones simultaneously
  • Battery life of RFID tags: up to 24-36 months
  • Solar panel extends battery life to 5 years
  • IP67 Waterproof enclosure
  • 2.4Ghz connectivity via RF at a radius up to 150 ft to Piccolo IoT
  • Communicates with Piccolo IoT Devices and our DriverLink mobile app