Improve Productivity and Control Costs
With Industry-Leading Fleet Management Solutions

Btracking PRO is our most powerful, fully integrated, cloud-based GPS Tracking & Fleet Management System. Built for enterprises to manage your entire anywhere in the world. Vehicles, trailers, equipment, tools, shipments, field personnel, it's all there on one platform accessible from your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Key Features

  • Route history - replay routes for specific vehicles
  • Vehicle Diagnostics in real time
  • Integration with other applications and enterprise systems
  • Arrival/Departure and Entry/Exit real-time alerts and length of stay with Geofences
  • Total visibility of your entire fleet - location, where/when stopped, for how long, speed, direction, mileage between stops, temperature of cargo, and so much more
  • Automatically ID Drivers and block unauthorized persons from starting a vehicle. Get alerts when a vehicle moves outside authorized hours
  • Easy-to-use, comprehensive reports - stops by customer, speeding with locations, idling, driver logs, fuel usage by state, routes traveled, much more
  • Monitor speed vs. posted limits in real time
  • Driver HOS compliance is easy with ELD
  • Customizable to your requirements
  • Super groups and subgroups to organize your fleet
  • Keep maintenance records and easily plan and track upcoming maintenance
  • Need a new route? No problem. Send the closest vehicle or an updated route from our traffic-enhanced GoogleTM Maps
  • Concerned about driving behavior? Track harsh driving events to coach drivers and improve safety
  • Let customers know location and ETA for any vehicle
  • Fast, simple hardware installation
  • Control which groups/vehicles/reports each user is allowed to access

Easy Installation

Plug & Play trackers connect to almost every vehicle on the road.

Intuitive Cloud Platform

Our clear, intuitive platform provides everything you need to monitor every vehicle and asset in the fleet.

The Complete Package

Our system is modular and fully integrated. Driver communication, routing, tool inventory management, ServiceTitan, it's all there on your desktop or hand-held device.

Get the Power of Btracking PRO

Our Industry Leading Fleet Management System

  • PC Platform and Mobile App Intuitive Google Maps™ platform with map, satellite and street views
  • View Your Fleet in Real Time from anywhere in the world
  • Track & Monitor All Assets Track & monitor Trailers & Containers all on one powerful platform
  • Integrate & Monitor Driver Phone Users Communicate directly with Drivers with the DriverLink app for pushing routes, tracking tools and even tracking their phone locations (optional)
  • Unlimited Free Training & Support Btracking supports you every step of the way

Extensive, Easy to Use Dispatch, Route Building and Monitoring

  • Import jobs, location of all required deliveries, pickups, size of the load, size of vehicles and time windows
  • Let Btracking PRO plan delivery routes, assign jobs or loads and optimize the order of the stops within the route
  • Track stops, send ETA to customers
  • Drivers receive optimized routes via DriverLink app on their Android or iOS device. Drivers deliver more in less time
  • Dispatchers can easily re-route vehicles remotely and send messages to drivers

Monitor and Improve Driving Behavior

  • Track harsh driving events over any time period
  • Avoid Disagreements - Drill down to the exact location of the incident
  • Improve Driving Performance Use reports to coach drivers
  • Reduce Speeding Infractions with Actual Speed vs Posted Speed Limit reports

Integrated Dashcam

  • Dashcam is fully integrated via in-cab WiFi with the Piccolo Plus tracker and the Btracking PRO platform - a clear advantage over most systems that provide video without vehicle data, or send you to a separate site for video events.
  • Monitors harsh driving such as sudden acceleration, sudden lane crossing, sharp turns and hard braking - with video for driver coaching
  • Live streaming from up to 8 cameras
  • Access video remotely, upload video instantly

Fleet Maintenance

  • Schedule & Log Maintenance Activity Schedule service and get reminders based on odometer, engine hours, or calendar.
  • Log maintenance records along with costs
  • Improve Fleet Reliability with real time engine fault code alerts

ELD Compliance

  • Meet the DOT Mandate for ELD with an easy to use solution
  • ELD module and Driver app is fully integrated into the Btracking PRO platform

Protect Against Theft with Geofences

  • Draw Boundaries (Geofences) around yards, warehouses, lots
  • Get alerted when an item enters or leaves the geofence

Extensive, Easy-to-Use Reports

  • Drill down and uncover all the data you need to find productivity and cost improvements

Vehicle Trackers from Btracking PRO


  • 4G CATM1/NB1
  • Plug & Play Harness connects to any OBDII or J1939/J1708 port
  • Advanced Fleet Management capabilities
  • IoT Gateway
  • BLE Support for IoT Tags


  • 4G LTE CAT1
  • Plug & Play Harness connects to any OBDII or J1939/J1708 port
  • Advanced Fleet Management capabilities
  • WIFI & wireless router support for ELD & Dashcam
  • IoT Gateway
  • BLE Support for IoT Tags