One unified platform to streamline bus fleet management, gain real-time location data, automate student/passenger ridership tracking, communicate ETA’s and alerts to parents/guardians

A complete solution for schools to streamline student and school bus tracking, prioritize student safety, accountability and communication by combining real-time GPS tracking, BLE Tags to identify and account for student ridership, and the ParentLink App to share live ETA’s and alerts with parents.

Key Features

  • One centralized cloud-based solution with Route Planning & Optimization
  • Both school bus and student passenger tracking solutions
  • All-In-One school bus tracking system with dashcams, mobile apps for parents & route optimization
  • ParentLink App for Parents/Guardians to monitor student passenger pickup/dropoff locations & times
  • DriverLink App for drivers to monitor passengers
  • Easy integration with other applications and enterprise systems
  • Customizable

Student Passenger Accountability

Each student/passenger's ID tag or card is read when they board and disembark the bus, providing quick, accurate, automated ridership reports for each student/passenger, increasing visibility and safety

School Bus Routing

Optimize bus routes and track real-time route performance matched with granular student ridership data

ParentLink App

Parents/Guardians can see real-time bus location, where and when students/passengers board and disembark, and receive real-time alerts if buses are running late

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Real Time School Bus Tracking Platform

  • Route Planning & Optimization
  • Real-time view of school bus activity with Location and ETA including arrival and departure times at every stop along the route
  • Pickup & Dropoff Location, Date, Time
  • How long the bus spent at any stop
  • Alerts if buses are running late
  • Detects unauthorized student boarding, duplicate usage of the same ID card

A Multi-Camera System For School Bus Student Visibility & Safety

  • Wireless fleet dash cams provide schools with 360-degree visibility into the entire school bus fleet
  • Cameras capture every angle of the road ahead including rear and side views and automatically upload footage to quickly determine safe driving

ParentLink School Bus Tracker App for Parents/Guardians

To download and install ParentLink on your mobile device:
Android OS: Go to the Google Play Store on your device, search for and install ParentLink. It will have this logo   Mobile Dashboard

iOS: Go to the Apple App Store on your iPhone, search for and install ParentLink. It will have this logo   Mobile Dashboard

  • View real-time bus location
  • ETA to bus stop with alerts via push notifications
  • Receive real-time notifications with the time your child got on or off the bus, which bus and exact location
  • Historical ridership data
  • View arrival and departure times at every stop along the route, including how long the bus spent at any stop

Multiple Solutions

Mini BLE Tags

Passenger Mini BLE Tags and a BLE-Enabled BPPLUS GPS Vehicle Tracker

  • Mini BLE tags offer a no-touch log of pick up /drop off of students
  • No action is required by the student/passenger
  • Tracker provides GPS driver behavior, engine diagnostics and Integrated Dashcam
  • ParentLink App For Parents/Guardians
  • Requires a BPSTX Vehicle Tracker with BLE

Passive RFID Card

Passenger RFID card, BPSTX GPS Vehicle Tracker with RFID Card Reader

  • Students/Passengers scan their RFID card on the card reader when boarding the bus
  • Tracker provides GPS driver behavior, engine diagnostics and dashcams
  • ParentLink App for parents/guardians
  • Requires a BPSTX Vehicle Tracker with an RFID Card Reader
  • Separate Dashcam can be used

DriverLink App on a Tablet with an attached Card Reader

DriverLink App with Card Reader

  • A tablet with a card reader is installed on each bus and every student/passenger is equipped with a passive RFID card (can be the student ID card)
  • Students scan their RFID card as they board the bus
  • Card reader provides visual validation for the driver that the student is assigned to the bus
  • Student data is stored in the DriverLink App together with the pick-up location and student ID
  • Once the bus starts moving the stored data is sent to the Platform with GPS tracking data
  • No vehicle data or driver behavior
  • Standalone Dashcam can be used