Innovative Small Item & Inventory Tracking

BLE (bluetooth low energy) tags track small items such as tools, keys, equipment, pallets, and inventory items. Btracking PRO takes small item tracking to the next level, integrating BLE into GPS trackers, and IoT Tag Management into the PRO Platform. View your tagged item inventory, the vehicles items are loaded on, when and where items are dropped off.

Eliminate Tool Theft & Loss

Significantly reduce loss and theft of high value tools, equipment and inventory

Fully Integrated with Tracking Platform

View which items are loaded on every vehicle, and exactly where items were dropped off

Track Tools with Driver App

Driver is alerted via smartphone app when and where an item is left behind

Key Features

  • Easily attach mini IoT Tags to tools, portable equipment, valuable inventory items
  • Mini BLE IoT tags are active tags sending a signal with a range of approx 50 ft
  • Tags are self-powered with a long battery life, typically 3 years
  • When tags come within range of a BLE-enabled vehicle or asset tracker, or the Driver App on a mobile phone, tag location updates on the mapping platform
  • The Btracking PRO Platform and Driver App show exactly which items are on board the vehicle
  • Items dropped off (out of range) continually indicate last dropoff location on PRO Platform
  • To locate items, just return to the last location and home in on the item with the BLE Scanner app

Eliminate Loss and Theft of Small Items

Tag any tool with Mini IoT Tags

  • Tag any tool with waterproof, small footprint mini RFID tags

Driver Tool Visibility

  • If a tool is left behind, drivers are alerted on their mobile phone, via Driver app and/or text message, of the missing items
  • Drivers can view items on their vehicle and where items were dropped off or left behind
  • Via the app, dispatchers can route vehicles to tool dropoff locations, message drivers, and track progress of dropoffs and pickups

Complete Visibility

  • Easy-to-use cloud platform provides a visualized tool inventory
  • Platform displays tool pick up, drop off and location by vehicle and driver
  • When a tagged tool is removed from the vehicle, dropoff location and time is automatically recorded and visible on the platform
  • Items picked up appear in the tool inventory on the Platform and Mobile app

BLE Tool Tracking Beacons


Mini BLE IoT Tag

  • Bluetooth Low Energy IoT (internet of things) tag
  • Replaceable Li ion battery
  • Battery lasts approx 16 months
  • Range approx 50 ft
  • Tag size 1.41" x 1.41" x .22" (36mm x 36mm x5.6mm)


Mini BLE Waterproof Extended-Life IoT Tag

  • Bluetooth Low Energy IoT (internet of things) waterproof tag
  • Better withstands harsh environments (precipitation, temperature extremes)
  • IP67 waterproof enclosure
  • Range approx 50 ft
  • Battery lasts approx 3 years
  • Li Ion battery is non-replaceable