Track the Precise Location of Equipment & Machinery at a Fraction of the Cost of Individual Cellular Network Based GPS Trackers

LoRa lets you set up a local network of LoRa solar powered GPS Trackers and solar powered base stations with cellular connectivity. The base stations collect and transmit locations from every LoRa tracker within ranges, giving you real-time locations of your yard assets at a fraction of the cost of using individual GPS Trackers with cell connections.

Cost Effective

LoRa based GPS trackers are a fraction of the cost of cellular based asset trackers and don’t require a SIM

Easily Locate Assets

Real-time data allows to easily and efficiently find assets with the phone app or platform and reduce loss or theft

Automate Yard Inventory Management

Eliminate manual yard hunts and monitor the inventory of your assets with a push of a button

Key Features

  • LoRa creates a local network in your yard, port, airport, campus, warehouse area
  • Tag assets with LoRa BPATL1 solar powered GPS trackers
  • Position solar powered base stations BPTAX2S at approx 1/2 mile intervals
  • The base stations transmit real-time locations of all assets within range
  • Provides a complete view of yard assets at a fraction of the cost of installing GPS cellular-based trackers on every asset

LoRa Saves Costs

Tag any asset with a solar powered LoRa GPS Tracker

  • Piccolo ATX2S devices, acting as LoRa gateways, are installed throughout the yard, creating a LoRa network
  • Each asset is tagged with the Solar Powered ATL-1 LoRa Based GPS Tracker
  • The ATL-1 reads and sends via the LoRa network the precise GPS and temperature data to the Piccolo gateway that is uploading the data in real-time to the Fleet.Net Cloud.

Key Functionalities

  • Exact GPS location of all assets in the yard, port, airport, depot, campus
  • Set up boundaries and know exactly when each asset enters/exits the yard
  • Alarm On Move
  • Optional Temperature Monitoring

Yard Asset Visibility & Control

  • Easy-to-use cloud platform
  • Provides a visualized dashboard to easily locate pallets, machinery, containers and other assets across your yards

Inventory Management Reports

  • Comprehensive reports include Inventory, Battery level, Asset usage, Geofence Enter/Exit
  • Automated historical movement across your assets and yards allowing you to easily keep records of leased assets

LoRa System


LoRa Solar Powered GPS Asset Tracker

  • BPATX2S solar powered trackers packaged in a IP67 rugged enclosure
  • Install throughout yard, depot, airport, port in a radius of 1/2 mile one to the other, creating a LoRa network throughout the area
  • The BPATX2S performs as a LoRa gateway, uploading the data received from the LoRa BPATL1 GPS trackers to the Platform via cellular
  • The only cellular connection (and charge) is thus from the BPATX2S gateway devices
  • LoRa devices do not use cell network connections or incur network charges


Solar Powered Base Station Tracker

  • 4G CATM1/NB1
  • Powered via two solar rechargeable batteries
  • Back-up battery life of up to 5000 check-ins when fully charged per battery= total of 10,000 check-ins
  • Built- in solar panel extends battery charge up to 15x check-ins/day
  • Check-in rate: 1x/day when parked & every 20-60 min when in move mode(customizable)
  • IP67 Waterproof enclosure
  • BLE connects with mini IoT and RFID tags
  • Optional Sensors: Pressure, engine, door, cargo, temperature, humidity