Curb Unauthorized Use

Do you wonder if your company fleet vehicles are being used for side jobs, weekend getaways or other inappropriate trips? Do you allow some private mileage, but want to make sure the privilege is not abused? Btracking gives you all the information you need to reduce unauthorized vehicle use.

Btracking provides a simple way to prevent vehicle usage outside designating operating hours with Unauthorized Use alerts. Instantly flag vehicle movement during non-working hours. Easily detect and confirm that planned stops were made. View and replay any journey made by your vehicles. Confirm that only your employees are driving your vehicles.

Configure the Allowable Use Schedule

  • Set Authorized Use Schedules Authorize days and hours for which vehicle use is allowed, such as work hours
  • Flexivle Scheduling Authorize days and times on a group basis, or by individual vehicle/driver

Immediate Notification

  • Locate Unauthorized Vehicles See where an unauthorized vehicle is and who is driving
  • Get Alerts See alerts on the platform, via SMS and/or via email
  • Generate Reports Create reports of unauthorized use for any time period
  • Driver Scorecard Unauthorized use can be scored on the Driver Scorecard for improving driver behavior