Maintenance Scheduling and Recording

Btracking's Vehicle Maintenance module lets you schedule and record maintenance for every vehicle in your fleet.

Schedule Maintenance Tasks

  • Easily build a schedule of maintenance tasks
  • Schedule based on odometer, engine hours, or calendar
  • Easily add an existing maintenance log

Set Reminders

  • Set maintenance reminders for an individual vehicle, or groups of vehicles
  • Send reminders via email and/or SMS to any device
  • Reminders can include anything from oil change, to tire rotation to insurance renewal

Maintenance Schedule Report

  • Quickly run a report to view the maintenance schedule for your fleet
  • Run the report for one vehicle, groups of vehicles, or all vehicles
  • Schedule reports to run anytime, download them, send them to anyone via email and/or SMS

Maintenance History

  • Easily track the maintenance history of every vehicle in your fleet

Maintenance Record Detail

  • With one click, drill down to view complete detail for any maintenance event
  • Attach related files of any type such as scanned diagnostics reports and receipts