Track and Monitor Rental Car and Truck Fleets

Renting out assets such as cars and trucks can be a highly profitable business. At Btracking, we also know that there is a comparable risk factor that comes with car rentals, because you are allowing strangers to borrow your vehicles. That's why we are providing industry-leading rental car GPS Fleet tracking solutions that provide peace of mind to car rental business owners.

What is Rental Car GPS Fleet Tracking?

Rental car GPS tracking systems are designed to help safeguard your business assets via live GPS mapping, geo-fence functionalities, and more. Our GPS fleet trackers allow you to keep track of your fleet of rental cars at any given time. You will know which of your cars are rented, available, or even stolen. Because these trackers instantly give the location details of your cars, you will never have to rummage through any paperwork to locate your cars.

If you happen to be a car rental operator that limits the regions that your cars can travel to, you need to utilize technology to know whether the auto renter has traveled outside the permitted area. Well, the answer is simple. Just use a rental car GPS tracker!

The Benefits of Rental Car GPS Fleet Tracking

  • Helps maximizes the potential of your rental car business: By improving the way you monitor your assets and inventory, you stand to enjoy more cost savings in the long run.
  • Quickly locate vehicles that have suffered a breakdown: Our trackers allow drivers to generate SOS alerts in real-time. You will be able to dispatch emergency assistance in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Higher chances of recovering a missing vehicle: Stolen rental cars are known to cause car rental operators to incur major losses. However, with GPS trackers, you can easily monitor your vehicles in real-time and locate stolen vehicles with a high success rate.
  • Extends the service lifespan of your fleet: Allows you to know exactly when your vehicles require maintenance. This helps keep your fleet in optimal condition.
  • Allows you to accurately evaluate your clients' driving behavior: Harsh driving, speeding, etc., are things that can dramatically increases fuel consumption and may decrease your vehicles' service lifespan. By using Btracking's rental car GPS trackers, you will gain the information you need to print speeding reports for drivers who have defaulted on your driving rules.