Monitor and Improve Driver Performance with Driver Scorecard

Driver Scorecard scores and compares driver performance against benchmarks and other drivers in the fleet, providing the key information needed to improve driver safety through information and training.

Driver Scorecard is configurable. Use the default settings, or change it to suit your requirements.

Driver Scorecard Monitors Driving Behavior

  • Excessive Speed
  • Harsh Driving Hard turns, harsh braking, excessive acceleration
  • Excessive Idling Identifies potential fuel wastage
  • After Hours Identify vehicle usage outside scheduled hours and days
  • Night Driving Spot usage of potentially unauthorized nighttime driving

Drill Down to Individual Driver Performance

  • Compare Drivers Use Driver Scorecard to compare drivers against their and against benchmarks
  • Monitor Track performance over time
  • Training Tool Use Driver Scorecard as an educational training aid to improve fleet driving performance and increase road safety