e-TrackTM Mobile Suite
e-Track Certified • e-Track Certified II • e-Track ECMLink

Hours of service (HOS) is a series of FMCSA-issued rules that regulate operating hours for drivers of commercial motor vehicles involved in inter-state or inter-provincal commerce. Carriers are required to equip all vehicles with ELD Compliant Solutions that enable drivers to produce Electronic Driver Logs, or eLogs - fully automating the entry, recording, completion and storage of all required information needed for logbooks, from the driver's cab.

Device Independent

  • Device Independent Web Based, Native Android and iOS Versions
  • All New DOT Rule Sets Iincluding State Variances and Exception Rule Sets
  • Country Specific Rule sets for U.S.A., Canada & Mexico
  • Rules Restart Rules, Rest Break Rules and Sleeper Berth Provision


  • Advanced Alerting and Notification System Let users know before compliance issues occur
  • Automated Duty Status Status changes and Electronic Driver Logs help drivers through their day
  • Clean Design The best possible user experience. Drivers see at a glance how they are doing as they go through their day using the Driver Dashboard
  • Easy Access to Information Drivers Easily see the number of hours remaining in their 14 hour window, the number of hours until break, current duty status, and other indicators
  • Easily Spot Status View status of any of the Daily and Weekly Windows they must track. Color coded status indicators let the drivers know ahead of any HOS issues

How It Works

  • e-Track Certified The primary application drivers use to set driving status, display their logs, and send files to safety officials
  • e-Track ECMLink Allows the Android device to collect information from the ECM and largely runs in the background. Even when there is no driver logged into the e-Track Certified app, e-Track ECMLink continues to monitor the ECM, logging it under an unidentified driver profile until such time as a user can log into e-Track Certified to claim the data
  • e-Track Certified II Ssimilar to e-Track Certified, but is used by a co-driver when the vehicle is in motion, providing additional flexibility to the driving team
  • While e-Track Certified II is an optional component, both e-Track Certified and e-Track ECMLink must be run on the Android device used by the driver in order to be ELD compliant
  • e-Track ECMLink connects to the ECM via cable and bluetooth (see BT-LMU3640 and BT-LMU2630)

Integrated Vehicle Inspection Reporting

  • e-Track™ has an integrated Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) that allows the driver to log the Pre and Post Trip Vehicle Inspections easily as required by DOT Regulations
  • An optional Interim Vehicle Inspection also allows the driver to perform spot checks during the day as necessary