HOS e-Logs with ELD

Hours of service (HOS) is a series of FMCSA-issued rules that regulate operating hours for drivers of commercial motor vehicles involved in inter-state or inter-provincal commerce. Carriers are required to equip all vehicles with ELD Compliant Solutions that enable drivers to produce Electronic Driver Logs, or eLogs - fully automating the entry, recording, completion and storage of all required information needed for logbooks, from the driver's cab.

Btracking ELD

  • Certified and ELD-compliant, conforms to both ELD and AOBRD standards. Comprehensive yet easy to use. In addition to an app for the driver, there is a comprehensive portal for the use by the back-office personnel.
  • Integration with dispatch. Drivers or back-office personnel can initiate a dispatch, i.e., pickup or delivery, and can update information as required including ETA. Shippers or receivers can log into the portal and know where the truck is and note current ETA information. This significantly reduces the need to buy a separate Transportation Management System and manage additional products which are probably not integrated with ELD. Information such as remaining driving time flows seamlessly into dispatch decision-making to better schedule drivers and maximize dispatch efficiency.

Key Features

  • Extremely easy to use and navigate
  • Fully ELD compliant
  • Supports IFTA
  • Supports key intrastate driving rules
  • Supports Canadian and Mexican rules
  • Available in Spanish, Canadian French
  • Integrated with dispatch
  • Supports Android and iOS devices

How It Works

  • Engine Diagnostics Most engine diagnostic (DTC) codes available, including FMI codes, with driver and back-office instant notifications.
  • IFTA Reports Detailed IFTA reports with automatic (ECM) fuel capture and customizable portal report for missing jurisdictions or innacurate data.
  • Dispatch Integrated dispatch and driver communications along with routing and ETA removes the need for an expensive TMS system.
  • Compliance Fully compliant with US federal and intrastate regulations, oilfields, construction materials, passenger-carrying, Canadian and Mexican regulations.
  • Notifications Business critical instant notifications: Unidenified driving, violations.
  • Connects to the ECM via cable and bluetooth - BTL3640 tracker required.

Easy to Use

  • Quick-switch Our wide array of compliant ECM devices allows you to easily and instantly switch from an old ELD to our solution.
  • Integrated ELD/Dispatch Drivers share shipment information with multiple parties to remain connected and receive instant notifications on available arrival times, designated load/unload docks and nearby safe parking.
  • Reports Wide variety of reports: Edited records, unassigned driving, personal conveyance, malfunctions, ECM disconnection, rejected edits and many more.