Prevent Speeding with SpeedGauge Safety Center

When your drivers exceed the speed limit, they’re putting the safety, liability and reputation of your business at risk. Most GPS vehicle tracking solutions limit visibility into speeding on only interstates and highways, but we know that most businesses operate on local roads. With SpeedGauge, you get the most comprehensive source of speed limit information across all types of roads and geographies, including local and residential roads. You can quickly identify speeding limit violations and create and manage a speeding policy using both frequency and severity of speed limit violations, and improve, sometimes dramatically, driver safety.

The Btracking SpeedGauge Safety Center offers a one-stop solution to begin managing speed - and saving money - everywhere your fleet operates. With SpeedGauge reports, charts, alerts and maps, you have access to all of the information needed to control speeding in your fleet.

SpeedGauge is a driver coaching and performance management system - and part of that system is our world-class support, training and consulting service. Our Safety Center Specialists will show you how to use SpeedGauge to get the insight you need to bring speeding down and safety up.

What It Does

  • See when and where drivers are speeding
  • Use SpeedGauge coaching tools to improve driver performance
  • Watch your fleet’s speeding trends improve over time
  • Eliminate safety risk and unnecessary traffic stops
  • Boost CSA scores by reducing speeding violations

How It Works

  • Uses the data already collected from your vehicles
  • Monitors violations of the posted speed limit across all road networks
  • Also monitors speed according to custom speed limits that you control, and in special geofence zones both inside and out of the ordinary road network